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I am a facilitator of a union/management partnership. We have had this partnership for six years. It is very successful, and has been quite innovative. The next logical progression of our partnership is some form of team based compensation. We are mainly involved in government contract work. I am interested if there are any programs in place that reward team performance in this type of environment ( govt. contract)

-- Michael Monahan (, November 30, 1998


Michael, I am currently studying for a masters degree in the uk. My disertation will be on the issue of team based compensation systems and their slow uptake in the uk. I have been browsing the web in search of related topics and noticed your bulletin from 1998. I wondered if you might share a few comments or experiences with me from the last 12 months and any advice you could give regarding the collection of responses etc from bulletin boards, chat rooms etc on the subject.

Thanks Stewart

-- stewart nicholas (, January 14, 2000.

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