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Does anyone have any details - track layouts, history, photos, personalities, relating to this shortlived West Virginia NG line?

Founded by the Twin Mountain Orchards company the line ran 27 miles southeast from Keyser on the B&O West End; it opened to Burlington (16 miles) in 1911 and to Twin Mountain in 1912. The company filed for bankrruptcy in 1919 and that's all I've got so far!

Can anyone help a frustrated British short line enthusiast? Chris Jackson, Carshalton, Surrey (UK)

-- Chris Jackson (, November 30, 1998


Chris, I've just found this site so I hope my additional response to your TM&P question is not too late. The Three Rivers NG Historical Society (of which I am a member) did a nice article on the TM&P some years ago in LIGHT IRON & SHORT TIES, our quarterly magazine. It does have some material beyond what Hilton's book contains. I would be willing to make you a copy but it may take awhile - some of my things are packed up while we do some homne improvements. Let me know if yo are interested.

-- George Pierson (, July 25, 1999.


The way you phrased your question leads me to believe that you already have the best printed historical reference on the TM&P that I know of - George Hilton's epic work on narrow gauge RRs in America. If you do not have this book already, I highly recommend you get it, even though it adds precious little information to what you have already posted.

It should be noted that one Baldwin 4-6-0 locomotive and several vestibuled passenger coaches (a combine and a coach I believe) was sold for service on the ET&WNC. Mallory Hope Ferrell's book "Tweetsie Country" contains photos of the loco and the cars during their service there. Ed Cass (I believe) has drawn scale plans of this equipment. You may still be able to obatin copies of these drawings from Edmund Collins of Kutztown, PA.

Hope this helps.


-- Glenn Christensen (, December 10, 1998.

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