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There are already about six threads regarding the show last night.

Can we post what non-forum folks thought about the show here in an attempt to guage what those people are thinking (if they are thinking at all that is).

-- Rob Michaels (, November 30, 1998


I thought it was a reasonable presentation of both sides of Y2K, I WAS EXPECTING a more critical look at the survivalists and forum folks. My wife. a non-believer, seems to have become a little more concerned from the presentation compared to MY much more serious analysis and concerns. She was particularly impressed with the programmer wading through 100,000 lines of code to find relatively few dates. It seemed to make an impression there is NOT ENOUGH TIME to solve all of Y2K. Better than expected. I think any catastrophic presentation would have brought the wrath of the government and other pollyannas down on the network, similar to what GN and other survivalists have endured. Hopefully, the show will lead to more concern and awareness of the problem.

-- Harold Koelling (, November 30, 1998.

Co-workers: So far I have yet to find one person who saw the show. They know about Y2K, but their main reaction is a shrug. "Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof," I guess.

-- Ben Dair (, November 30, 1998.

I saw two people today that watched the show. One is a GI and the other a DWGI. The GI, surprisingly, didn't have much of a reaction at all, and went off on the Domino effect. The DWGI mentioned taking money out of the markets and bank, and so, is overcoming the fear and begining to deal with preparing to at least some degree.

FWIW, not word one on any of the talk radio shows from what I was told. Also, no mention of Y2K/60 minutes in the local press... interestingly, there was an article about the show before2 weeks ago (Kevorkian) instead. Go figure.

-- Rob Michaels (, November 30, 1998.

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