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Use knowledge of assessment/tax from work to "clean room" a version for sale to other municpalities. The core functions are the same but developed independently of the Region as to avoid conflict-of-interest charges. The software to calculate taxes and to generate tax bills will all have to change with the new legislation. A lot of the existing software vendors don't understand the impacts of the new legislation and are getting out of the business.

There will be a window of opportunity for us when the municpalities in Ontario start panicking and will grasp at whatever we give them...especailly if it is being used at Peel, York, Halton, etc.

The techie side is no problem. We need sales guys--people in municipal government that will do it on commission? Alan? Todd?

-- Anonymous, November 29, 1998


Oops...forgot the last part. After the tax apps with related maintenance agreements, with the exisiting client base, the company could branch out to other apps. Treasury (Treasury Manager sucks!) etc. etc.

-- Anonymous, November 29, 1998

good and evil. This is simialr to the Non-profit housing requirements for accounting and finance which are changing. A guy called Norm LUM (yep) did the Excel stuff for Peel Living. He wants to throw it in Access and sell to the non-profits. 'and by the way, Robert Woodford has a whole Lotus Notes system we sue which he has rights to...' Of course you guys don't know Notes BUT there would be other possibilities to upgrade Non-profits with computer equipment.

-- Anonymous, November 29, 1998

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