Heard about the 'Baal' pred and Vindicator?

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This is ridiculous!!!!!!!!!!!1 Marines are only allowed 3 heavy support - There are Rhinos, Razorbacks, Vindicators, Predator Destructors, annihalators and the new one for blood angles, the 'baal', Land raiders, Devastators.

-- The happy buzza squig (j.g-b@virgin.net), November 29, 1998


Foolish citizen. Have you not realized that the Rhino,Razorback and to a lesser extent the Land Raider are not tanks,but transports??? Anhilliator and Destructor are different versions of the same tank.

-- Sanguinus, The Blood Angel (HolySanguinus@hotmail.com), January 18, 1999.

Have more than one army to maximize your heavy support gits; Baal and Vindicator are available now at normal tank price (#20)

-- Warmaster Horus (tonks@usa.net), April 27, 1999.

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