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I am a novice with Y2K. Have general knowledge. Last week 11/24/98 I read in my local newspaper "Bangor Daily News" that Jerry Falwell have taken a proactive stand on this issue. He said he will stock up on fuel, food, and ammunition.

Can you comment on Jerry and are there other national, and world leaders taking the proactive Y2K position?

-- John D. Keller (, November 29, 1998


They're all probably stocking up on food, ammo, etc, and keeping their mouths shut about it...except for Jerry of course.

-- bardou (, November 29, 1998.


Apart from informed collections of individuals using forums such as this, one of the most proactive groups around are probably churches. This is my opinion.

Grant Jefferys, Hal Lindsey, Cliff Ford, James Dobson, Willy George to name a very few are very active in informing anyone who will listen. I just read a letter by Open Christinanity which has really unnerved me.

I am very involved in my church and the churches in this rural area. Trust me, there is a very active group of people working to position themselves to help themselves and others.

As far as "National Leaders" taking a stance, there are a few Senators working on the issue but by my account there seems to be a derth of involvement by major heads.ww


OK Wayne I give up!

What is in that letter?

-- Uncle Deedah (, November 29, 1998.

some are, some aren't - I got to listen to a sermon load of criticism of preparation today - both in terms of accusing everyone preparing of millenialism, and a preacher who was horrified at the concept that Christians would actually take self-defense seriously *sigh*. and NO we do NOT need to go through the theology of selfdefense discussion one more time in this point merely is that there are still a large number of mainstream religious leaders who fall firmly in the DWGI category...

other than that, it was a wonderful first Sunday in Advent.

Arlin Adams

-- Arlin H. Adams (, November 29, 1998.

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