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Here are a few useful links to official govt. documents.

Just thought someone might find them useful.

-- Paul Davis (, November 29, 1998


Thanks Paul,

I especially like the governments personal preparedness suggestion on They are sure encouraging the general public to find out more about Y2K, arent they. Just gives me warm fuzzies! *Sigh*

... What Can I Do?

Much of the fixing has to be done by private industry and government at all levels. But citizens should find out more about Y2K, so they too can help their communities achieve readiness.

First, tune into the Y2K web sites on the Internet if you have access to a computer. If you dont, you can visit your local library for assistance. Start with the web addresses listed in this brochure. From these sites you will find links to many more useful Year 2000 web sites. Your local library can also provide you with articles and publications about the problem.

Second, make sure your local community is aware and doing everything it can to be prepared. Many local organizations will need volunteers to help get the word out.

Third, do a personal assessment. Think about whether computers and date-sensitive appliances or equipment you use in your home or business could be affected by the problem and consult organizations  manufacturers, your local banks, electric utilities, hospitals and other important services that you count on every day to see whether their products and systems are Year 2000 compliant. Also, keep abreast of progress being made by the Federal, state and local governments.

To learn more about how the Year 2000 problem can affect you in your local area, contact the people you do business with and your local government officials.

If you have comments or questions about the Year 2000 problem, please send a message to

Year 2000 Team e-mail address:

[Yep. Time for another e-mail.]

or write

Year 2000 Team (MKS) U.S. General Services Administration Office of Governmentwide Policy 1800 F Street, NW, Room 2014 Washington, DC 20405

And ... Your Family Disaster Supplies Kit is really an eye opener.

And ... How You Can Buy Used Federal Personal Property -- U.S General Services Administration Federal Supply Service Property Management

Looked at GSA's IT Acquisition Center -- wondered if its a fire sale on Y2K non-compliant merchandise? Continued on to Year 2000 Office and Millenium Services Contractors and saw a short list of vendors providing Year 2000 Millennium services...CONTRACTOR...CONTRACT #...POINT OF CONTACT...PHONE #. Boy, its nice to know our government is sharing the IT help, obviously they dont need it.

I especially liked this one:

Sales by Other Agencies

Military Property. Military surplus personal property is sold by the Defense Logistics Agency's Defense Reutilization and Marketing Service (DRMS) through its regional offices worldwide. For information, you may contact DRMS at 74 Washington Avenue, N, Battle Creek, MI 49017- 3092. Information on DRMS sales is also available on Internet at

Forfeited Property. Forfeited property is sold by the U. S. Marshals Service and the U. S. Customs Service. It may include aircraft, vehicles, vessels, jewelry, art, antiques, and real property. You may contact these agencies directly to inquire about their sales programs...

Funny, they didnt mention selling used tanks. Darn.


-- Diane J. Squire (, November 29, 1998.

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