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Anyone know a website where I can find Infomagic's Theory, or a list of his posts? I'm having no luck printing the article from Dejanews or Cory's website.



-- dwade (, November 29, 1998


Printing off the web can be a hassle. I think a shortage of RAM is part of the trouble, at least in the case of pages with graphics.

When I can't print a web page direct, I select the text I want to copy, paste it into Wordpad or a word processor (I'm using WP8), strip out excessive spaces and C/R's, tweak it for appearance, and print away.

-- Tom Carey (, November 29, 1998.



This is a mirror site for past issues. The WRP #100 contains the PART I of "SET RECOVERY ON" by InfoMagic.

Then try and you should get to WRP #103 which has PART II of the thing.


-- sweetolebob (, November 29, 1998.


Sorry about that. It's the old wrong key trick. And yelling NO doesn't even slow your PC down.

I am using MS 4.01 browser so I just tag File then Save as and save the WRP to my hard drive as an htm. file. It takes all of 2 seconds to copy to the hard drive. Then you can open it with whatever you have to read it.

Like Tom, I too have WP8 so I don't have a problem.

But you could print it from your PC this way.

I hope this helps you a little.


-- sweetolebob (, November 29, 1998.

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