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I've noticed some quirks in how INP files are handled by the new TMS34010 games (Smash TV, Total Carnage, Trog, etc.), and thought I would share my findings with everyone.

I know that there are several other games (or emulated chipsets) that have their own quirks, perhaps all of these known problems should be documented somewhere within MARP. This would help guide the new recruits with their playback difficulties, as well as serve as a reference site to the Mame team to identify inconsistencies (if they were interested, of course).


-- Angry (, November 28, 1998


34010 Games and Beta 8

I'm not totally sure yet, but there may be some new issues regarding playback with the Williams/Midway 34010 games in Beta 8 on the DOS version.

I made an MK recording right now and got the feeling that I screwed up two of the digits in the text file, so I played it back. Didn't get past the first guy, even though I recorded and played back with no sound.

I just tried playing back my Total Carnage prototype recording, and it screws up on the first extra room. :( Of course, I had it on frameskip 3 with speed throttled, but I doubt this affects it. However, the Smash TV revision 5 one seemed to work fine for the first few minutes... not sure if it screws up later, I didn't playback the whole thing but I'm going to right now.

I think having a list of all the games that are picky about how you record/playback the games would be a good idea... since now that I think about it, there's a surprising amount of games where strict conditions have to be met for it to work right.

At any rate, I think I'm going to stick with recording other games for now, especially the Neo-Geo ones. :) The improved sound rocks hard!


-- BBH (, November 30, 1998.

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