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I use Atlas Switches and am trying to figure out how to connect the red wire (part of the 4 wire telco from the DS54 to the Atlas Switch)to get feedback. The manual is not clear about this. Can someone help me on this using simple terminology?

-- Juan Manigault (, November 28, 1998



Not sure what exactly it is you are having problems with, the actual hard wire or programming or both. The RED wire is the Switch input for in this case position feedback, this is accomplished by connecting the Red wire to the Green wire via a switch, such as a set of aux conntacts, or micro switch that will trip when the throw bar on the turnout moves over. When the switch is close, feedback is active, when switch is open the feedback is passive, not there. Programming can be set to this output matching the red switch input to either general sensor message, or positive turnout position, the choice is yours, and depends on what you really want to do with it. You can have exact feedback position also via both the switch and AUX inputs on a given output, and two switches, so no matter which way the turnout is thrown, there is feed back.

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-- Don Crano (, December 15, 1998.

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