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"The sensible question is not whether to prepare but how to prepare and for what. The remaining articles in this series will cover the how, for the moment I am concerned with the what."

The above quote is from the Infomagic post. So, what's next? Let's assume that this 103 analysis has validity. In 104 we expect some ideas on the 'how to prepare' part given the scenario outlined.

My question is: What 'how to prepare' ideas are consistent with the first two posts in 102 and 103.

Two cents: The how to prepare will be nothing short of full self-sufficency on at least a community-wide basis.


-- Rob Michaels (, November 28, 1998


Number 104 will probably tell us how to order food, etc. from a company he has just recently started.

-- Linda A. (, November 28, 1998.


You are right.


You are wrong.


-- sweetolebob (, November 28, 1998.


We'll see, won't we.

Your certainty about an unbelievably unpredictable future has a certain antic charm. But nothing we know justifies it. 8 to 5 says we're all going to be surprised. Not necessarily pleasantly.

BUT -- if those are the two choices -- both very difficult to manage, both with unknown consequences, why not at least try to take the one that might result in some sort of workable society? A world where we won't just assume that any stranger is hostile. In other words, some sort of viable community, as opposed to loners in bunkers with guns. Worth a shot, isn't it? (Excuse the expression...)

Sheeee--itt, man! Wouldn't you rather work with another guy than fight him? And take note I only said "try"...

-- Tom Carey (, November 29, 1998.

Tom Carey;

Sir, my answers were addressing the questions as posed by Robert and Linda in regards to Infomagics' next in the series.

To clarify - I freely admit that I was short and, perhaps, to those who don't know me, (I really am SOB), just a bit abrupt in my answers.

No excuses, just an explanation. At the time I was also involved elsewhere on the net, in a different item. I also had several other things going on here at my nest. I just shot the two answers and left again. Inexcusable, but true.

I will now answer the questions as they should be answered. They are valid queries and as such they deserve the courtesy of a proper response.


You made mention of how you thought that the next article would advise us on survival. I agreed with you.

The basis for my agreement is the last paragraph of "Set Recovery On" Part I. Specifically the last sentence of that paragraph. This missive is part of WRP 100. In the referenced statement you will find that Infomagic states the nature of the posts which will be made after Part II.

Linda; I disagreed with your assertion that Infomagic would try to shill some product to us.

I disagree with you simply because if he were to try to do such a thing he would, by definition, be negating the premise of "Set Recovery On" entirely. Namely that we are "well and truly screwed" and that it is too late both for us and to a large extent our planet. I do believe that the overwhelming majority of the people in this forum would "be all over him like a duck on a June bug" were he to even try such a thing.

I hope that you will accept this explanation for the somewhat terse replies that I posted earlier.

Linda; I am still digesting the Part II and as such I will hold off on answering your original question in that regards.

Tom; I don't know what you are referring to about the two scenarios. Personally, I would very much rather have a world where NO ONE was shooting at me if at all possible. It scares the h*ll out of me, and I just don't care for it. And it hurts when you don't duck fast enough.

If it comes to scenarios: I would dearly love to dance with everybody's favorite Spanish Lady - "Rosie Scenario". She is one foxy lady to be sure.

But, I believe she has a cousin who also may be at the dance. Her name is "Real Scenario". She has warts, freckles, and acne. She is lumpy and dumpy, and a little over weight. But that lady dances far better and far more often than Rosie. I believe I'll try to dance with her.

In reference to your "walking tour of Europe" during the years of the great hate as stated in another post.

Please allow me to say THANK YOU for being there for us all when you were needed.

I have stood on the bluff behind Omaha.

I cannot imagine what it was like for those guys.

I have also looked just behind the bluff at the true cost that was paid. Men like you gave me the chance to be me.

Liberty is indeed a costly proposition.

Our war, or at least my war, wasn't any harder than yours Sir. Only in a different time, a different place.


-- sweetolebob (, November 29, 1998.

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