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This is a research question, and you can answer anonymously if you like:

How much do you expect to spend on y2k? What will the land for your retreats cost? How much are you spending on vehicles and food? Are you buying generators? Firearms? Special vehicles (like 4WDs or something?) Are you buying gold- if so, how much?

This could sound like an invasion of privacy. That's why I encourage you to answer anonymously, if you want. But *please* answer.. the information I gather here will be used to judge the viability of a business proposal that, if it goes through, would probably help a lot of people survive y2k.


-- Leo (, November 28, 1998


Exposing the Global Surveillance System

-- Dunno (, November 28, 1998.

Bite me

-- Your new friend (, November 28, 1998.

You people aren't a little paranoid are you? Who do you think has the manpower to monitor billions of e-mails every day? Don't you know they are either out stocking up or else searching for embedded chips?

-- y2klady (, November 28, 1998.

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