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Went to a garage sale this afternoon and purchased the following for a total of $15.00. Roll of chicken wire Manure shovel Hoe Sickle Hack saw Two man bow saw Oiler can Can of nails Whet stone with handle Big roll of bailing twine Five gallon kerosene jerry can

These items were all in very good shape and the tools were top quality. These are the kind of bargins that are out there if you look. The items most useful for Y2K are often the items that other shoppers are least interested in. This is a great time of the year to be purchasing garden related items due to lack of interest. I would say the above items would cost at least $100.00 new.

Also if anyone is interested a 800 number service center is moving into town. It will employ 400 including programmers. I was told by the husband of a city council woman that they will hire several programmers at $20/hour. Don't know if this is correct but if anyone on this forum is wanting to bug out this is the place to be. The town is Fort Scott, KS, population is 8000. The county population is 16,000. We are 90 miles south of Kansas City. Land is cheap with plenty of timbered parcels. This year we have had well over 60 inches of rain.

Email if interested and I will try to get info and app. to you.

-- Ed Stevens (, November 27, 1998


Wow Ed you did really good! I love garage sales and that's the only way to go when buying things for everyday use and for bartering. My recent purchases were 2 propane Coleman stoves for $3.00 each. For barter they'll come in handy along with 5 propane tanks per stove. If nothing becomes of Y2K, I will sell them at the flea market or garage sale. Maybe even hold on to them for my own use when 4-wheeling and camping.

-- bardou (, November 27, 1998.

National Geographic just had a story about telemarketing firms based in the KS (KA ?) area.....compliementary info about KS in general.

-- Robert A. Cook, P.E. (Kennesaw, GA) (, November 29, 1998.

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