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Here's a compilation of 55 of the most useful & powerful quotes relating to Y2K, under headings of embedded systems, glitches in tests, martial law, bank runs, Y2K survey, utilities, experts' opinions...Think you will find them helpful in educating others. You can find the article under Y2K articles' section at

-- Raymond Kwong (, November 27, 1998



You need to check out Steve Handelsman's Powerpoint Presentation which is in text form at the thread with the following title:

Here is a text version of my PowerPoint presentation

JUst click on recent answers and use the Edit and Find function and Find Powerpoint and you'll get it


-- Chuck d n d (c@e.c), November 27, 1998.

Thanks, Chuck. Next time, try to spell my name correctly ;-)

I shall send Raymond a copy of my quotes... The quotes referenced were a disappointment...

-- Steve Hartsman (, November 28, 1998.

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