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I know this is not the most crucial Y2K area, however I am looking for an answer for a friend of mine. He is a professional musician who travels in our area and uses an old Atari 1040 for his music/midi files. He strums the guitar too, but most of the music comes from these files. Of course, new years eve is one of the biggest nights of the years for him, and to have his system crash would be very serious.

Last time he was by here I looked at his Atari, but the only date that could be found was the date when the system was first turned on. The clock remains at an early date (somewhere in the early 80's I believe). Because of this he is convinced there will be no problem for him (unless the power goes out).

I have searched the Atari/Hasbro site and they have no mention whatsoever about Y2K. Anyone have any insight into this?

-- Craig (, November 26, 1998


Sure, it's compliant as a door stop :)

-- Whitney (Y2K, December 21, 1998.

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