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While I like digital equipment to tinker with, it isn't the high quality I can expect in film...yet. So I still shoot in 35mm, process and scan myself. BUT, I'm concerned about output. Do you know of a cheap method of outputting my digitized (scanned) negs? I'm trying to get decent quality without forking over money otherwise spent on food. By the way, I'm a broke college student, though very near to graduation. Need a shooter? =)

-- Brian Covert (, November 26, 1998


What kind of negs and what kind of output?

If you just want some good prints and aren't worried about archival stability, any new inkjet printer will do an excellent job with good paper. If you want to get a new color slide, no, there is no cheap way. You can go to a lab or service bureau and get your slides output from an RGB film recorder, but you'll be disappointed.

High quality work still takes money. Digital has many advantages, but has not changed that part of the equation.

-- Darron Spohn (, March 03, 1999.

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