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Microsoft to unveil new Y2K strategy November 24, 1998 Web posted at: 9:00 AM EST by Jessica Davis From... (IDG) -- Microsoft will roll out a comprehensive series of products and services in the first quarter of 1999 designed to help companies perform year-2000 remediation on their IT infrastructures. The series of products and services is due to be announced in mid-December, according to Don Jones, Microsoft's year-2000 product manager. The offering will include tools to fix problems at six levels: hardware, operating systems, applications, documents, custom code, and interfaces. The Microsoft year-2000 tools that will be part of the offering will come from a number of sources, including internal Microsoft development, partnerships with third-party tool vendors, and perhaps acquisitions of third-party tool vendors, Jones said. Microsoft currently lists third-party year-2000 tools on its Web site but does not endorse those tools. Microsoft plans to settle on the final best-of-breed group to include in its overall offering. In addition, the services will include a seminar series that is due to begin in January, as well as some consulting services, Jones said. Analysts said the package will be a very complete solution but questioned the timing of such a release. "It looks like a comprehensive package, but they've been working at this for some time," said Rob Enderle, an analyst at the Giga Information Group, in Santa Clara, Calif. "Most of us hoped they would be at this point a year ago." It may be too late for many companies to begin fixing their year-2000 problem as late as the first quarter of 1999; many users are well under way on fixing their year-2000 problem and won't need the Microsoft tools. "We've had our Y2K effort under way for nine months," said one IT manager at a Fortune 500 company, who requested anonymity. "The first quarter [of] next year is too late for us. But I'm sure there are some companies who haven't started yet." For those who have not yet begun the process of evaluating, remediating, and testing year-2000 problems, however, the name "Microsoft" may carry enough weight to speed up tool and service purchasing decisions. "Their efforts to date have been mediocre. But it's not too late," said Kazim Isfahani, an industry analyst at the Giga Information Group's Boston offices. Microsoft's offering of tools and services will dovetail nicely with the release of Systems Management Server (SMS) 2.0, according to Dwight Davis, an analyst at Summit Strategies, in Kirkland, Wash. "SMS 2.0 has various features that play directly into year-2000 remediation," Davis said. "For example, the server will do an inventory of what software is loaded on PCs on the network." And SMS 2.0 can also electronically distribute software upgrades, patches, or fixes, easing the load of the IT manager charged with performing the remediation. Due for release at the end of this year, the product also includes a year-2000 database with information on which software requires what type of fixes. ----------------------------------------------------------------------

I worry about this ploy by Microsoft. It's obviously too little far to late and Microsoft itself is not compliant. This plays right into the denial heads and their "money making scam" argument but people wont see it that way. Those that believed that Bill Gates and Microsoft would come out with a silver bullet to save the world now have a false justification for their beliefs.

This next year is going to be really, really interesting.

Mike ==============================

-- Michael Taylor (, November 25, 1998


"Due for release at the end of this year, the product also includes a year-2000 database with information on which software requires what type of fixes." =============================== The information regarding what type of fixes are needed is not contained within the product. Its location on Microsoft's web site is referenced in the database.

-- Andromeda (, November 26, 1998.

Why do I have this sudden desire to barf.........

Oh wait, it's coming to me..........

Yup, it's all my skeptical buddies who are always telling me that Y2K will not be a problem because Bill Gates will come up with a silver bullet.

Now they will have "evidence" that they are right and continue ridiculing all the concerned folks who know Y2k will be serious.

-- Craig (, November 26, 1998.

Lord, I certainly hope that this one works. I would love to see this creation of Mr. Wizard fix all of the problems relevant to y2k, and save the worlds economies from what looks like sure and certain disaster.

I dont believe it, but I would love to be able to do so.

Maybe pigs really can fly.

However, the picture called to mind is that of Mr. Gates standing at the table during the live media rollout to announce the unveiling of Windows 98. The system promptly crashed twice right there on live TV.

Bill was clearly not a happy camper. Ive often wondered whatever happened to the knave whose job it was to have that demo system pre- oped and tweaked up for the event, because you know that this wasnt just an off the line production-run version.

Anyway, if the relatively easy job of giving birth to Windows 98 caused such major snafus for Bill Gates, I wonder how many green toothed ogres are waiting in a fix it up for all of the various computers around the world, which must be in at least 60 or so different languages, both spoken and in computer type speakenese, which must be translated to be of use to the indigenous peoples?

Not an insurmountable problem to be sure, but the nuances of our language dont carry well into the translation to say Thai, or Chinese. Neither, I would suspect, does the computer coding.

And the calendar still clicks them off. It hasnt stopped.

We do all have to talk a common data flow and formats dont we? From every nation, from every system input to every system input, in every other nation around the globe?

Granted, every PC everywhere doesnt have be fully compliant on all aspects of y2k. Just on those aspects which will interface with any and every other computer. The smallest network to the largest network.

All must be pure to each terminal, and/or must be isolated from all others, so as to prevent the cross contamination or corruption of data.

The one appears gargantuan in size and complexity, the other, the end of all global business and international trade.

I would love to think that I wont need the preparations that I have made, and will continue to make, however I cannot afford to do any less than to continue on as planned. My familys lives and safety demand no less of me, and I cannot give to them anything less than the very best that I can do. I never have.

Should this silver bullet indeed does its magic, and the pooky dust really work everywhere, and thus we do indeed dodge this arrow, I will wait patiently until at least June/July of 2000 to make absolutely certain sure that there are no more mines hidden out there, before I relax my guard even just a little.

But, regardless of the outcome of this - NEVER again will my family be placed into such a position. Never again will there be less than full necessary survival sustenance provisions, and attendant security, for a minimum of one year immediately available to me and to mine. I used to feel that three months was sufficient. Now I know better. So I have learned from this anyway. A defense in depth to five layers is in place for this one. That too will increase.

I know nothing of computers. I admit that, which is obvious to all of you anyway. To me java is a cup of coffee, not a computer language. I dont have a clue as to FORTRAN, COBOL, or any other language of the box.

But I do have a little common sense. I really can reason out most things, and, gee, I can even make a decision or two without screwing up too badly (at times), so I will relax when I am convinced its over. Not when YOU are, or HE is. ME. When I feel that I can relax, I will. Until that time Ill keep on with the preparations that I feel are necessary for my family.

I will never, ever, again be as I was just nine months ago. For the remainder of my days I will be changed by the many countless decisions that I have made. The weighty matters that I have faced, pondered over and decided upon.

Realizing that indeed, once again, here in my country, I played for all the marbles, with no do overs. You grow up fast doing this stuff.

And, it really sucks.

But, Charlie couldnt take me down over there, and he purely did try his very best, and I dont believe that this thing will either. I am in kind of poor health, weakened by the ravages of time for sure, shot up, beaten up, and banged around some, but the same Witch Doctor who stalked the skies over SEA still lurks inside of me even now. If I go down, it will be after the fight, and it wont be a small fight at that.

I understand that this time the enemy can't reason, or think, has no remorse or feelings. It also cannot adapt. To that extent it is more vunerable to a fix, or a clean shot.

I give us a 50/50 shot at best with a 6.5 - 7.0 looking at us.


-- sweetolebob (, November 26, 1998.

All Microsoft knows is Windows, and sometimes I even wonder about that.

Even though Windows and other Microsoft apps have their share of Y2k bugs, Y2k is mostly about mainframe software, embedded systems, and project management.

Microsoft's stepping into (or should I say somewhere in the vicinity of) the Y2k fray is a non-event.

-- Nathan (, November 26, 1998.

Gates is one of many who will muddy up the waters in '99 in order to make a quick, dirty, buck. It's actually quite obscene - he would not know a mainframe if it toppled on to his PC.

What's he trying to achieve? More corporate dollars, as if he doesn't already have enough?

He is going to cost *lives* with this ploy.

One final thought - he is a smart cookie after all - that *BUNKER* he has built in Seattle - he is planning on doing a little hibernation obviously in 2000 until the dust settles...

"Just because I'm paranoid doesn't mean they're not out to get me!"

-- Andy (, November 26, 1998.

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