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check this out http://bennyhills.fortunecity.com/seinfeld/364/owen.wav

-- owen's friend (owen@friend.com), November 25, 1998


hahaha. real funny. :) "he's fat and he's stupid." :) i hope this wasnt in bad nature. where the hell did you find it anyway?

-- Owen Black (Ob200bpm@aol.com), November 25, 1998.

throw mama from the train?

-- Owen Black (Ob200bpm@aol.com), November 27, 1998.

Is that from Seinfeld?

-- Cliff Leslie (ComdrBlood@aol.com), November 27, 1998.

That was definitely from "Throw Mamma from the Train" I just saw it on Comedy Central a few weeks ago. Tha was funny.

-- ChaosKnight (helIfire@surfshop.net), December 02, 1998.

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