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In my never-ending quest for asking interesting questions and provoking responses for the sake of learning more about each other, i've come up with the following survey:

1)Who do you like more, Aeon or Trevor? Why? (I want details here) 2)Who is your favorite minor character and why? (again, details) 3)What is your favorite episode and why? 4)What is your favorite short and why? 5)Do you have an Aeon Flux website? if so, add URL. 6)Besides being intelligent and artistic, what do you love most about the show?

Well, that's all I can think of right now. I might ask more later.

-- Frostbite (SlipperyMermaid@bar.com), November 24, 1998


For convenience sake, i've decided to answer my own question rather than include my answers in the question itself.

1)Aeon. What can I say? I loved her the first minute I laid eyes on her.(no, not in that way) Her style, her grace, her kluztiness, I loved it all. Plus her "no one can control me" attitude is admirable. And her skill for making sure no one ever DOES control her is even more so. Years after I first saw the shorts, I hardly even remembered Trevor. 2)Guildemere. He's just so lovable. So moral and heroic and honest. I know "U or D" wouldn't have been nearly as impressive if he'd been proclaimed a hero, but still, it was sad to see him carted off to jail like that. I guess he got the only reward this show ever dishes out for morality, eh? 3)It went from The Purge, to U or D, and now to The Demiurge. It's just such an enjoyable episode to watch over and over. No ruined lives, no "give up hope" messages, yet still very cerebral and artistic. Plus it's got the best music. 4)Night. I'll be honest with you. The main reason I like this one is because I saw it only once years ago, and I never saw again until recently, so it's still new and fresh in my mind. Plus, the way things work out so that Aeon has to shoot the thermostat in order to find out who killed her. That's just........cool. 5)nope, 'fraid not. 6)I guess things like Aeon shooting the thermostat, and the way she kills off an entire colony by dropping some ammo, or how the nail in her boot kills her, or the way she kills off humanity through a misunderstanding, or how she uses her grappling hook to miraculously save her life just to accidentally snap her neck seconds later. Unbelievable twists of fate like that are, to me, one of the greatest aspects of the show.

-- Frostbite (SlipperyMermaid@bar.com), November 24, 1998.

1). Aeon! I can't swallow Trevor's immorality and how he treats everyone else as expendible, so I guess it's Aeon by default. But I also like the fact that she can be crafty and vile, and yet has a heart and makes mistakes like everyone else.

2). It's a tie between Una and the Alien. I don't know what I like so much about Una, maybe the fact that she gets pulled into lots of bizarre events and always has the drive to claw her way to the top. The Alien, though, is self-explanitory. Even though it doesn't have a speaking role, you can't help but feel for it, lost on a new planet, only to discover that its home planet has been wrecked, later on.

3). GrrAAAh, another huge question! It's a toss-up between these: Ether Drift Theory, for the palpable sense of imminent doom and major plot twists. Chronophasia, for giving me a lot to think about. End Sinister, because the ending is just so f$@#%ing incredible. And a Last Time For Everything, because it's emotional and tragic, and stuff.

4). Tide. I'm always fascinated by recurring events that get more complex with every passing. I think this one is really gripping and well done. And the fact that it's the same camera shots repeated over and over, and the tempo of the music matches the camera changes... It's ingenious. Next in line would be Gravity, then War.

5. Not yet...

6. I love the duality between Aeon and Trevor, and how spontaneous their interactions are. I love the drawing style and the architecture. I can pick any episode and watch it, and I'll notice something new. I love Drew Neumann's soundtrack. What else can I say, it's just a beautiful, unique show with a lot to offer. There are hardly any examples of popular movies or TV that push the envelope and try to do something really new, and I think Aeon Flux not only tried it, but succeeded.

Here's hoping for a season four!...

-- Zach (rapacity@usa.net), November 24, 1998.

1. I believe I like Aeon more because of her attitude, no one can control her, how she helps someone or leaves them there to die. How she is deadly and intelligent. Thats why I like Aeon.

2. Scaphandra for some reason. The way she betrays and how she relies on technology. She is the exact opposite of Aeon, yet she isn't

3. The Purge. The way everyone acts how no one seems to be under there own control at the infomercial. The way Aeon helps someone who needs barely any help, steals a little kids coin, and leaves a cripples dog to die.

4. Its a tie between War and Night. I love War because of how people die because of small mistakes on there part. I like Night because the way Aeon messes up and things don't go perfect.

5. Not yet... soon to be one dedicated to the Hostess's of the purge.

6. I love how the characters act, how they act like real people. They act more human then most actors. The way Aeon can use people is so surreal.

-- Cliff Leslie (ComdrBlood@aol.com), November 24, 1998.

1) Rough question. Both Aeon and Trevor are exemplary people and fascinating characters. I really do have a hard time choosing. Oh, hell, let's just say it's Aeon and chalk it up to that hair. The interesting question is how you could imagine either character existing without the other...

2) Right now I favor Ilbren. I love Ilbren because he's someone trying hard to be a main character in the series. He's got some moves with those funky legs, he's got the science knowledge, he's got an obsession and a lot of money. But the thing I really like about Ilbren is that he just doesn't make the cut. He can't do it. The sum of his parts is less than each of them individually.

3) I lean towards Thanatophobia. (Runners up were the Demiurge, Utopia and Deuteronopia, and the Purge) The sheer brutality of the Breen state in Thanatophobia is amazing, as is Sybil's twisted sex life. Plus, the animation style in Thanatophobia is undeniably different. I think this episode (and maybe Ether Drift Theory) were produced by a different set of animators. The characters are much more skeletal, angular, instectile. Even more than usual, that is.

4) I like Night. It's a perfect summation of the first and second seasons. Beautiful, deadly, and capable assassin Aeon Flux gets throat-shot through a series of silly blunders. What more can you say?

5) Okay: http://www.princeton.edu/~cmmartin/ - Be warned, this is a totally immersive site, not a simple little file archive. It presents new and weird material of my own, in addition to some favorite blasts from the past.

6) I'm into Aeon Flux for three things - the design, the story, and the amorality. Being, as I am, an Architecture major, I'm intensely interested in the amazing sets, buildings, and characters the show presents. Being also, as I am, an amateur writer, I love watching a show where the plot isn't bound to some marketing department's idea of what the public wants to see. And finally, being, as I (sorta) am, a rational-anarchist type, I love to see people who are willing to take responsibility for their actions, good or bad.

-- Charles Martin (cmmartin@princeton.edu), November 25, 1998.

1) I like Trevor more, which doesn't mean that I don't like Aeon, but I find him even more unpredictable than she is. At the risk of starting an argument, I think that it's easy for Aeon to rebel against everything to amuse herself, while Trevor is always thinking of others, albeit in a ruthless way, and has incredible self-control, rarely letting his emotions affect his actions, or at least not as much as Aeon.

2) I enjoy watching Una's humanity, the way she brushes the hair from her face, wraps herself in Aeon's jacket, and tends to the bird. However, I also like seeing Varsh Lockney in action in his opera of destruction.

3) A Last Time For Everything really is tragic, the scene by the window leaves me breathless, and it's great to see the other sides of the characters.

4) War is epic, yet pure. I find it refreshing in the immediate, but intriquing when I consider the wider view it sheds of the Aeon Flux world. It's just bursting with cool stuff.

5) My Aeon Flux character profiles are currently up here, though I'm redesigning my entire site in preparation for the release of my nearly-complete theme.

6) The silence. The shorts and some of the glares and gestures in the others say so much without the need for dialogue. Those moments are sheer art. The architechture and music are also remarkably notable.

-- Philip Mills (philip.mills@cableinet.co.uk), November 27, 1998.

1) I'm very nearly equally split on this one. But I suppose at this moment, I'd have to say Trevor. It's the way he can separate himself from the world he controls, or, attempts to control, the way he speculates and forms philosophies from afar, yet allows himself to get down and dirty amid the action as well. Also, his moral ambiguity, which Aeon also possesses, but somehow I find Trevor's to be more interesting. He's somehow more "good-hearted" to me than Aeon is, and I so often agree with his philosophical rantings in the voice-overs. But honestly, I'd say I find each character equally intriguing.

2) Sybil is my favorite minor character. I so love her determination; it's very inspiring, but more than that, I think I just get a thrill when I see the deep emotions beneath her facial expressions (thanks to the great quality of the episode's animation), there's something very visceral about it that I think is lacking in many other characters. A close second is Una, mainly because she reminds me of myself (we're both young, skinny, leather-clad, government-employed linguists with dreams of adventure).

3) My favorite third-season episode is "The Purge". Each time I watch it, I can't help but imagine what other episodes could have been like if Chung had put his hands into them as much as he did with this one. The visual quality is absolutely excellent, and I love the barrage of interesting characters and sweeping landscapes. Not to mention the intense symbolism that's been thrown throughout the scenes. I also ache for those scenes which attempt to explain what's going on in Aeon's mind...

4) "Leisure", because of the ambient, calm tone that persists until Aeon's death at the conclusion. It makes me feel like i'm just watching a day in the life of Aeon, something that almost seems lacking in other episodes (with the exception of "Night", of course). I liked wondering about the relationship between the humans and the aliens, and about the nature of Aeon's mission. And, of course, I savored her grunting, which was so profuse in this film.

5) Not really, but if you look hard enough you'll find something unsatisfying out there. Maybe in 6 months...

6) I love it most for its attempts to be different in a sea of televised or artistic monotony. Also, because of the show's mysterious ness that permeates and puzzles me to this day, not so much in figuring out what Chung intended as far as plot (which is certainly enough to think about), but as far as just trying to imagine the world that the characters live in... it's such an intensely interesting and visually dazzling world. I also love the show because it was created by Peter Chung, whom I consider to be one of the best filmmakers out there.

-- Mat Rebholz (matrebholz@yahoo.com), November 27, 1998.

1) Aeon. She's a female Han Solo, but with a bunch of evil mixed in. She thinks she's immortal, yet she is defeated more often than not. And she's hot. If I wasn't a heterosexual male, I might have to think more about this question.

2)The obese boy at the food booths in "The Purge." I'm obsessed with him. He's more an extra than a minor character, but he's my favorite. The quick dialogue between him and Aeon is classic. ("You're not a Breen." "You do not exist.") His song in the food booths is extremely disturbing and atmospheric, as are his actions. And his tongue slurp is one of the best sound effects in the series.

3)"The Purge." A lot of that is due to the food booth scene. It's also the deepest episode of them all, and the question it poses is quite significant. (are we really in control of our actions?)

4)"Leisure." The aliens are brilliantly designed. The ending actually frightens me, the movement of the alien and how easily it overtook Aeon. And there's extra, subtle, stuff to figure out, such as the whole "plop" business.


6)Most of the episodes take multiple viewings and much thinking and discussing to figure out. Some end at that, but some wind up being incredibly deep, such as "The Purge" and "Thanatophobia." And also, Aeon is hot.

-- John McDevitt (JuntMonkey@aol.com), December 05, 1998.

1. I love Aeon, but Trevor is a very close second. I think that they are each an integeral part of the other's identity, and cannot really be taken into account without the other.

2. I don't know if this could be considered a minor character, but I loved Aeon's clone. The contrast between her and Aeon's desinigrating persona was wonderful. Second would be Una.

3. A Last Time For Everything. I think that that, more then any other episode, explored who Aeon really is, and showed that despite her appearence, she is prone to weakness, just like the rest of us. Atleast, part of her is.

4. War. I loved how the faceless dead were no longer so faceless, and how it showed that no matter how good you are, there is always someone better.

5. Aeon is on my page at http://www.geocities.com/tokyo/palace/7112

6. How you can watch it over and over, and get new things from it each time.

-- Brickgirl (Brickgirl@hotmail.com), December 09, 1998.

1)Who do you like more, Aeon or Trevor? Why? (I want details here)

I would have to say Aeon. Why? Because even though Trevor is charismatic.....he is a tratior to his people and the Human race. Aeon, though she might be a bit selfish, is free and stands for freedom and fights for freedom. She has honor.

2)Who is your favorite minor character and why? (again, details)

A toss up between Una and Sybil. Una is cool......she's Monican....she's a student. She seems your ordinary college kid, which anything "normal" in Aeon Flux is a rare thing. Sybil for her dauntless spirit....even though in the end she is destroyed.

3)What is your favorite episode and why?

A toss up between "Chronophasia" and "Demiurge". "Chronophasia" for the deep thought it takes to understand it....and the huge issues it brings up. "Demiurge" for the same thing. Perhaps I like "Demiurge" better. The music is increadable. It's so pleasing to see that the outside World will not stand for Trevor Goodchild's plans for the Human race. Long live the Monican Republic!

4)What is your favorite short and why?

It would have to be "War". Not just for the action.....but to see Bregna and Monica at war. Bregna and Monica are the macros of the Trevor vs. Aeon theme. Also.....I'm always happy to see the Monican people attacking Trevor's military. Death to tyrants!!

5)Do you have an Aeon Flux website? if so, add URL.

Sad Geezers' Guide to Aeon Flux: http://www.sadgeezer.com/aeon/index.htm

6)Besides being intelligent and artistic, what do you love most about the show?

What I call the "uncertainty factor".....the fact that a tiny object or event can change the pace of the show. That there is a random and improbablity factor at work.....that you can never tell what will happen. Another are the huge issues that the show deals with......withought saying which side is better.

Take care.....

-Councilor Plutar Circavus, Monica Executive Council-

-- Plutar Circavus (karl.wolf@unisys.com), January 05, 1999.

Just thought I'd say that the Sad Geezers' Guide to Aeon Flux is a tad good. :-)

-- Philip Mills (philip.mills@cableinet.co.uk), January 09, 1999.

1) I like Fon better than Trevor, though he's starting to grow on me. I think the really big difference between them is that Trevor sees himself as a moral person, in spite of the terrible effects his reign is having on the Breen people. I don't see Fon as suffering from such a delusion. Think about it - who would do more damage to a society in the long run - the person is mostly amoral (Fon), but occasionally slips and does something good... Or the person who believes that all the bad he's doing is a necessary part of achieving the greater good for that society, without realizing that his vision of that greater good may not be the right one? (Trevor)

2)I really like the boy that Fon encounters in Chronophasia, I think because in him Fon has really met her match - she can't escape from him, can't kill him, can't seduce him, can't dominate him...his immunity to her is strangely appealing.

3)Favorite episode has to be "A Last Time for Everything". The whole cloning thing is fascinating to me (not sure why), and I really like the way it's used in this storyline. Plus we get to delve a little more into Trevor's fascination with Fon and vice versa.

4)Favorite Short: Gravity, with Tide a close second. I love the way Fon continues to 'spy', even as she's falling to her death. I'd love to know the rest of the story behind Tide - we sort of arrive in the middle of the action and we see the end result - but we don't know why!!!

5) I have a web presence, but it's not an Fon site.

6) Why do I love the show? Because there is nothing else like it! I like that it's so non-linear. I enjoy seeing them pursue things that seem impossible without it looking completely ridiculous. And I truly love Denise Poirier's voice.

-- Stephen Fuller (stepfull@aol.com), January 22, 2000.

1)I'm sorry, but I like Trevor more. He's so funny..."GET OUT! I mean, I think I'll leave now." He's the ideal mad scientist/technocrat. He's tall and cute, whereas Fon just looks...deformed. And he has a great voice. Now, don't get me wrong, I'm not saying I like the stuff he does, if it were a contest of morals I'd definitely favor Fon. But Trevor just seems...cooler. And in a couple episodes, he's even kind of sweet. 2) I like Rorty. Everyone attacks him, says, "What does Fon see in him?" I always thought he was nice and kind of innocent, in a show filled with totally complex and amoral people. 3) Ooh, tough one... I'd have to say I like The Purge best. It was so weird, with such excellent imagery. The popsicle on the custodian, the swinging boy, Hostess Judy, etc. I particularly like the last scene, and Trevor's quote, "I am, I have, I will, I did. Don't I?" 4) I've never seen any of the shorts. Poor me. I am filled with shame. [Sob, choke, sound of wrists being slit] 5) I'm not bright enough for web design. I'm serious. If you ever met me, you'd be like, "She's nice, but, uhm, really low wattage on that girl, if ya know what I mean." 6) Why thank you, I *am* intelligent and artistic and...oh, you mean the show. Well, I like it because of the form it's in. You could never do something that cool with live-action. And it's iconoclastic, even today, when cartoons are still thought of as "just for kids." That, and the kick-ass characterization.

-- Kiru Banzai (keelyrew@Netscape.net), January 25, 2000.

1. Aeon, but Aeon & Trevor are really two diametrically opposed sides of the same thing, they both want absolute control. Aeon wants to control herself and her own fate, while Trevor wants to control the lives of others. That`s why I favor Aeon :)

2. Clavius. I find him interesting because, while an ep revolves around him, he remains a total mystery. Was he insane before Trevor placed him in suspended animation (or whatever it was) and crawled around in his stomach, or is there a link between the two? And why was Trevor`s fantasy boudoir situated inside him anyway? Very odd...

3. End Sinister, it has much substance beneath it`s layers of style. Aeon destroys the world because she doesn`t understand Trevor, and Trevor sets himself up for it, by failing to comprehend the alien`s warning. If not for a lack of communication the whole thing could`ve been averted. When I first saw this one I thought "Oh, it`s a role reversal, now Aeon`s the bad guy". Now I know better. Aeon and Trevor are equally "bad", and also equally sympathetic, like all the characters in the recent "Princess Mononoke". It`s also an incredible coincidence that the Aldus-B ray accidentally hit a world just like ours (I`m assuming that AF takes place on Earth), only more evolved. But this is the same kind of coincidence that spelled doom for Aeon or someone else in earlier eps, just on a larger scale. Aeon`s paranoia seals her/our fate.

4. I haven`t seen all the shorts, so I really couldn`t say...

5. Nope, but I`ve been to nearly all of them.

6. I love how you can recognize this show a mile away, by the tall, gangly characters, the weird music, even weirder settings, the clever dialogue and professional voices. And the way that it uses the medium of animation to explore adult themes without being gratuitous. A live-action Aeon would probably be NC-17 ;)

-- Paul D. Gilbreath (gilbreathfamily@worldnet.att.net), January 29, 2000.

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