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On Sunday, we discussed requiring users to "tag" private space, otherwise, it is assumed that the space is public. There was some discussion in another thread about whether it is enough to "tag" with words alone (i.e. a statement on the webpage which prominently displays "KEEP OUT" or "OPEN ONLY TO USERS WHO ARE STUDENTS AT X UNIVERSITY." [I hope everyone has posted a response to that thread.]

Related to this question, do we think that it is easier for web surfers to avoid these spaces than it would be for the creator of the space to block access to unwanted or unauthorized users? Where should the burden be placed in this situation and how much of a burden is reasonable? What are you thoughts on this?

-- Anonymous, November 24, 1998


As I mentioned in my response to Michelle's post, I think that, in the spirit of the free exchange of information, the burden should almost always be placed on the person trying to make the information private. Exceptions to this rule should be only in case of economic or technological hardship, and thus should be rare.

-- Anonymous, November 25, 1998

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