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I thought folks here would be interested in this article:

These particular quotes caught my eye.

"Although the STRATCOM report is an unclassified document, the Joint Chiefs of Staff have blocked public access to the report on the year 2000 and nuclear command and control systems"

"Making matters worse is that Russias nuclear systems are decaying and in danger of year 2000 failures, Kraig said. Russia retains about 6,200 nuclear weapons with about 2,000 of them on alert, he said."

"U.S. and Russian nuclear weapons remain on hair trigger alert, and Russian early warning systems have deteriorated drastically, the report said. The combination could have disastrous consequences, a fact that led to the September agreement between Clinton and Yeltsin on sharing early-warning data."

-- Mark Mastrorilli (, November 24, 1998


Mark, thanks for the information. Scarey, but we still need to be informed. Blondie

-- Blondie Marie (Blondie, November 24, 1998.

See "Electric Utilities" forum, thread: Nukes in Europe/Russia

My post of 13 Nov. deals with reactors in the former Soviet Union.

-- Tom Carey (, November 25, 1998.

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