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I have been to the Y2K Weatherman Chatroom several times. Seldom have I found anyone there to chat with. If the Weatherman has 12,000 subscribers, wouldn't it stand to reason that a lot of them would want to chat with others of similar mind. Where are they.

-- Linda A. (adahi@muhlon.com), November 24, 1998


Good question, why don't you chat with us instead.? They are, after all, by definition, a bunch of impolite people if they won't talk to you. There is nothing worse than being ignored, unless of course you are wrong:-)

-- Andy (andy_rowland@msn.com), November 24, 1998.

There is a chat room at y2k news chat that is usually always full of people.

-- Barbara Andrew (Kountryfolk@Yahoo.com), November 24, 1998.

Can you post info on where this chat is please?

-- (curious@computer.com), November 30, 1998.

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