Sprint, Confirmed by CSR, year 2000 testing in Progress

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Hi all. Got my Ameritech bill today. I am Sprint for long distance, no charges @ all on my bill. I use heavy long distance so I called Ameritech they refer me to Sprint, Ameritech is puzzled. Per CSR at Sprint, "I cant help you now, our systems are down. " So I ask about lack of last month long distance, CSR replies, "We have been doing testing on our systems, we may have had to mail it direct to you" So I respond " on your automated service it states I only owe 12.60 for last month". Well, Csr "I can only ask you to call back in 1/2 hour." So I asked"year 2000 testin in progress?" Her response was "you got it" If anyone else has experience with Sprint, please respond. As it stands now, I can Tell in ALL HONESTY, my bills always average at least 100.00 plus per month. I can only HOPE during testing it wiped out the months bills. It isnt showing anywhere. At this rate how long will they be in buisness? Okay, thats the worst case but think of all the $$$ lost if they wiped out charges for one month.

-- Consumer Alert (private@aol.com), November 23, 1998


I just LOVE testing on "live" production runs of the software.

-- Robert A. Cook, P.E. (Kennesaw, GA) (cook.r@csaatl.com), November 24, 1998.

Update....2 day I received a bill from Sprint that I had already paid from 10-98, upon calling the company and my local carrier it was told to me that Sprint is having "many" problems while testing their y2k system. Seems they double bill, (geez i almost paid it i swear glad i checked against the old local bill) BE CAUTIOUS take the time now and make sure your bills are correct if you use Sprint. I am serious. They are now in the process of screwing up this months bill as well. The rep even told me something is amiss but she doesnt know what. I told her to log onto a computer and research y2k., she said she will. I HONESTLY believe it is already starting with Sprint. If anyone knows of anyone else experiencing double bills, no bills, etc., please inform me. Maybe i need to change long distance carriers.?

-- consumer (private@aol.com), December 08, 1998.

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