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Hi all,

Since I am originally from germany and my folks still live there I have inquired with several of my friends and family in germany about Y2K and their awareness.

Well, what awareness... Basically people in germany don't know anything about it. There are some goverment sources that are starting to take it seriously, but very few sites in german.

Now, I would like to bring up a site with lots of good Y2K material in german.

I need your help...

A) What articles are the best to aa) get a kind of understanding ab) would help in further understanding

B) What sites do you know off...? C) Anybody care to help with translating all of this...?

D) Other suggestions.... E) Does anyone want to testdrive this site during building phase..?

I am looking to put something together like a clearing house of information... With bulletin board etc...

Any suggestions or takers....?

Thanks and *SMILE* ...


-- scholty (, November 23, 1998


Scholty, check out this website and tell me what you think:

-- Gayla Dunbar (, November 24, 1998.

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