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Hi, I was wondering if there is a tape-exchange program set up by B5 fans for TNT-challenged people, such as me, to watch the B5 movies(and the rest of season 5, although this isn't essential, because BCTV is running it... Although I'm sooooo paranoid that I'm gonna miss one of the new eps :).

I was also wondering about old eps to, seeing as I'm planning on scrath-building some models, and woud greatly appreciate the reference.

-- Kavinay Kishor (kkishor@attcanada.net), November 23, 1998



No there is no organized tape exchange as such. I do limited dupes depending on where you are. I can't do anything for the next few weeks due to limits on time and other dupes running.

The best place to see the final episodes all at one time are nw-b5 Gathering to be held at SFU's Images Theatre, Sunday, December 6th, 1998 1-7 PM. Admission is free. Hope you can make it.

-- John Francis (jnf@intergate.bc.ca), November 26, 1998.

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