Trust your goverment.

Trust your goverment.

Trust your goverment.

Your getting sleepy now. Ok now we can begin. Pay no attention to this y2k stuff on the internet. Relise that if we "the goverment" can't police an information soarce then that soarce of information is bad. Remember your to stupid to figure out what is truth and what is lie with out our help. So, just go back to your mondain life and delete this web site. In fact do not use the internet at all. It's to hard for us to police, tax, and control free flow of truth. WORK.




And will take care of the rest.

-- smith (, November 23, 1998


Oh yeah.

One more thing sheep.

Watch tv.

Watch your nightly news.

Soak it up.



-- smith (, November 23, 1998.

Dude - momma taught me a long time ago - if they can't spell, don't bother listening to them, they're idiots. I believe that sums you up buddy! Momma was always right..........

Trust my government?? You mean the same one that had to use lipstick remover to get that red ring off his............and he thought it was a rash the whole time.........

-- deano (, November 23, 1998.

Don't read this wrong, the poster obviously had his tongue firmly planted in his cheek when he wrote it.

-- Buddy (DC) (, November 23, 1998.

Some of the brightess minds I know can't spell. It's called dyslexia. Affects men more than women.

-- Chris (, November 23, 1998.

teh edn is naer...

-- a (a@a.a), November 23, 1998.

I recon it is tongue in cheek. My bad, sorry about that. I had been reading billyreallysucks before this and obviously wasn't seeing too clearly. I know what dyslexia is and this billyreallysucks cat ain't it. He's just stoopid. I thought that was obvious.........

-- deano (, November 24, 1998.

yes, it's true--dyslexics can't spell but are usually very smart.a good example is my husband, who still can't spell at age 43, but he recently finished an accredited college program with a straight 4.0 grade point average, thanks to Word and Franklin handheld spellcheckers. Cyberspell is good for email.

know any good dyslexic jokes? here's my favorite: Slogan for dyslexic radicals--"Dyslexics of the world,UNTIE!"

-- Jocelyne Slough (, November 24, 1998.

I know a dyslexic who has a very strong belief in DOG.

-- Guy (, November 24, 1998.

I know a man with dyslexia who kills people who make jokes about dyslexics.

-- warning (, November 24, 1998.

I know a joke, and may, despite the fact that I am a pianist by profession, be dyslexic in one of the many ways humans are. The joke:

Did you hear the one about the insomniac dyslexic who stayed up nights pondering the existence of "dog".

-- Donna Barthuley (, November 24, 1998.

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