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This is a smallish survey at the following link:-

Out of 113 people so far surveyed, over 35% plan on bailing with more than $10,000 each.

Mr. Greenspan and the Fed should be worried.

-- Andy (, November 23, 1998


Don't post how much money you plan to take out of the bank. Keep secrets like this to yourself. If you are going to do it, do it now.

-- bardou (, November 23, 1998.

A better question would be, What percentage of your holdings are you willing to leave in the bank/stock market? And, why?

I recall a sign in my dentist's office: "You don't have to brush all of your teeth. Only the ones you want to keep." That reminds me of the current situation. Move your money to safety, or risk losing it all...?

-- Ben Dair (, November 23, 1998.

And where do you consider is "safety" for your money?? Who knows if the stock market, stockbrokers, banks, mutuals, bondholders will still be operating....If you can't get at your money, what good is it to you? Some gold, of course, but what about the rest?

-- Laurane (, November 23, 1998.

Laurane- midnight gardening.

-- Gayla Dunbar (, November 23, 1998.

How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?

-- Christine A. Newbie (, November 23, 1998.

If you ask that question on THIS forum, you have mis-judged your audience. If we were fools who couldn't possibly look ahead to the consequences of things we wouldn't be here in the first place.

-- Ann Fisher (, November 24, 1998.

Will you people get a-hold of your bit's n pieces? (sorry, didn't want to upset the aye-a-tollahs/esses), this is just a simple pointer to a simple bunch of people who have chosen to fill in a questionairre about how much moola, dosh, readies, greenbacks, they are planning on withdrawing in the near future...

I think it is a pretty good pointer to the way the money will flow, but hey, what doI know, sorry to have upset you peeps:-(

-- Andy (, November 24, 1998.

Andy, maybe you could suggest that people post anonymously?

-- Gayla Dunbar (, November 24, 1998.

Thanks Gayla, I'm not suggesting anyone post to it, but the figure is now over 250 people with 38% planning on withdrawing over $10,000.

-- Andy (, November 25, 1998.

How much cash it going to be taken out? The Credit Unions are trying to figure that out right now. They're also trying to figure out how many many credit union households might take part in extra fund withdrawals.

Here's a link:

This article in "Credit Union Times" also suggests that CU's should stay in close contact with armored cars that carry cash, and with their nearest Federal Reserve branch.

It says a lot about what the industry already knows. Amazing article!

-- Kevin (, November 25, 1998.

I don't see how anyone could leave any money in the bank at all. I'm planning on leaving only enough in to keep the account open (about $100) which puts me over $10,000. Does anyone worry about keeping cash at home and if so, what have they done to address that fear? Thanks for your comments.

-- Diane Esquire (, November 29, 1998.

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