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First, I have just completed serving as an OD, management and economic development consultant for a number of businesses, educational establishments and association in Russia. The project is sponsored by ACDI/VOCA, an American nonprofit organization. The following is the web site devoted to the project www.

Second, I am seeking donations to support some of my former clients. I thought your team net might contribute.

Third, I would like support sending publications to Russian counterpart, Andrei, CSRE, and to a business center,Educational- Information Centre- Soljaris-M (Saratov, Moskovskaja Street 84, Moskovskaja Hotel, Apartment 19, Natalya Bobrjashova, director) which I did some work with.

Fourth, I know both would like to secure additional training and educational resources and publications. Single copies of business and management manual and instructional materials would be fine. Such resources and materials would go a long way to contributing to the success of both.

Fifth, Natalya has a dream. She would like to have an exchange of students. I thought you might be able to assist. She would also like to establish a consulting service which I hope to assist with.

Sixth, I had a translator while there. I learned from Lena that students learning English have a crying need for books and magazines. I thought your organization might be willing to purchase some subscriptions to English publications. Andrei would be a good person to contact concerning who to speak with about this.

Seventh, there is also a need for computer technology. Andrei, for example, could be much more effective if he had a laptop computer. However, program funding is limited. I thought your organization might solicit computer technology for local businesses. There are a number of organizations which could use such technology and fax machines.

Eighth, I worked with a federation of stunt car drivers who work with low income, at risk, teens and younger children. They teach them about driving and auto mechanics; thereby, keeping them away from drugs and crime. They are an exceptional group. They have built an outstanding program through sweat equity. They are in need of seed money to secure transportation so as to perform. They are in a "catch 22" situation. They have potential sponsors for their stunt performances. However, they don't have the funds for transporting their vehicles. The seed money would end this catch 22. They would use the majority of the funds raised to support their teen and children work.

Finally, if you want to verify my project, please feel free to contact Andrei N. Nikolaev, Regional Program Manager, 410600, Russia, Saratov, Sakko & Vansetti Street, 6/8, 5th Floor, 011-7(8452)-24-92-89 (tel./fax), 011-7(8452)-24-90-91 (tel./fax), 011-7(8452)-24-43-01 (fax), (e-mail). His English is very good.

Thank you for your consideration. I look forward to hearing from you. Warmest,

Bob J. Holder

-- BOB J. HOLDER (, November 22, 1998

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