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Brent will make music in a variety of styles, post them in mp3 format (or Yamaha's VQF, twice as compressant of mp3) then sell copies of the music. I willgear the lyrics to the anarcho-capitalist, Michigan Millitia crowd. Dan will be backing vocals Dave will do some rapping and scratching of old Supertramp records

-- Anonymous, November 21, 1998


Another idea that sounds dumber than it actually is. If you can figure out how to get someone to pay you cents vs. dollars, it could actually work. You know anything about Cybercash et. al. Why hasn't it caught on yet?

-- Anonymous, November 21, 1998

Brent Brent Brent there is no f*&*()'in way you are getting a hold of my old Supertramp records ... Babagi oh wont you come back to me ... they just dont make songs like that anymore BABY ...

-- Anonymous, January 10, 1999

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