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Now I have something else to consider in my Y2K planning.

The Ford truck plant in eastern Jefferson County, Kentucky (Louisville) was evacuated this morning. It's the largest truck plant in North America. It was because of a chemical leak. Several day care centers within a mile of the plant were also evacuated.

This is another thing to consider when you think about where you'll be in 2000. The chemical leak was due to human error and not machinery failure, but I could see more problems happening like this in 2000 when the chips are down.

Even if your city or town is friendly and well-behaved, couldn't something like this happen where you live?

-- Kevin (, November 19, 1998


Always have a back-up mobility plan. Starts with your car, may end up on foot.


-- Diane J. Squire (, November 19, 1998.

Just another reason to support my statment that planning will not help in the case of TEOTWAWKI. As far as I know, there is no map available that lists all toxic chemical manufacturing and usage sites. Don't see how you could make one in fact, they are everywhere.

-- Paul Davis (, November 20, 1998.

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