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Okay, who is Cory Hamasaki? Just who is Hamasaki and what are his weather reports? If anyone can provide a link to them I would be most appreciative.


(bloody idiots who refuse to believe in y2k. I have been with some of them for the last 3 hours. They say "your predictions sound a bit like Mad Max, Mad Max was a movie, movies are fiction, therefore this is fiction." Inebriated idiots.)

-- Leo (, November 19, 1998


A very funny and knowledgeable programmer from Washington DC - I read his DC "Weather Reports" whenever they come out - Cory *knows* whats going on!!! He has an archive - musto reading too...

Link is

A must read is his latest DCWR number 100

Link is

This one is not for the faint of heart - it's pretty hard hitting stuff.

Leo - I comiserate with the you - these inebriated idiots will have plenty of cause to get even more pissed (in both the UK and USA senses:-))as Y2K approaches and it's effects may dawn on some of them!

-- Andy (, November 19, 1998.

Cory Hamasaki is God's alternative to denial heads and people who won't take North seriously. He is a mainframe programmer who knows what he is talking about. If he don't move you to action you won't be moved or persuaded. Cory is a human millennium bug that crawl up your nose while you were sleeping and implants a chip in your brain.

Beware though, there are side affects. You will find you have an insatiable desire for donuts and McNuggets and a growing fungus in your mind that has been identified as pollyanna stupididicus.

-- Bob Brown (, November 19, 1998.

You can read about Cory and his credentials at

He is well plugged into the super programmers grapevine and know the who and who in programming. Very knowledgable and knows how to program....

Cory is currently working on a programming gig getting *big* dollars in hawaii. While there he is helping also the state goverment assess their Y2K situation.... (This is what I recollect from newsgroup threats.... check for latest updates on him)

If you just read one edition of his weather report read number 100... Well laid out...

Check it out.. It's well *worth* your time.... Just the facts ma'm...


-- scholty (, November 19, 1998.

I suggest you read the older weather reports first. The progression will give you a better sense of Cory. I can tell you he is the genuine article and probably one of the top five "heavy iron" IBM MVS systems programmers in the country. I have a fairly deep programming background and so I have some perspective on his talents. The very fact he is worried (and preparing) is enough to scare me .......

-- R. D..Herring (, November 19, 1998.

Thanks all. WRP 102 is in draft on USENET but will be expanded on the Web version. Infomagic's "Set Recovery On" continues in WRP 103. I'll hold off on that until Friday evening so you can digest your turkey dinner. WRP 104 will include information of interest to programmers.

FYI, I'm hoping that we get through this with OK. I am certain that there will be economic problems such as faced the steel and aerospace industries in past years. Anyone recall the sign in Seattle, "Will the last person to leave, turn out the lights."

Overall, I am optimistic about people and their ability to make do, pull through, and reach out to lend a hand.

I caution you, between SHMUEL, Infomagic, and myself, I am the pollyanna. I don't claim to know what is about to happen, my feeling is that this will be different from anything we've ever seen before.

If any of you have insights on Y2K that you think might fit in a WRP, drop me an email. I'm especially looking for good news and low cost simple solutions.

-- cory hamasaki (, November 25, 1998.

Cory #102


-- sweetolebob (, November 25, 1998.

"my feeling is that this will be different from anything we've ever seen before."

Yes, and also different than anything we can even imagine. Like going to someone's house or meeting someone for the first time. I always have this picture in my mind. I'm always wrong. It's always different.

"low cost simple solutions"

Probably stupid idea, but has anyone thought of simply turning off some computers temporarily. If they are known to have unremediated glitches where, if left on, the failures could result in serious disruptions. Perhaps bring them back up with some thought and reasoning instead of us 'flying by the seat of our pants' or fix-on-failure?

-- Rob Michaels (, November 25, 1998.

* Cory #102 *

I just want to cry. Where's #101?

-- fly . (.@...), November 25, 1998.

fly .

All of Cory's WRPs' are at that same address.

It is the same address as is given as the second hot link in the post "Cory #102" above.


-- sweetolebob (, November 25, 1998.

If you have just been introduced to the weather reports, I urge you to read them all or start mid-term. I accept given his credentials, that he is very very knowledgeable. He knows what could go wrong and is a lot like the rest of us who wrestles with our place in the Cosmos come the millenium. One day he has his bug out bag, next bigger lot in suburbia with a basement full of food and then he finally gets to his buddy's place, the survival spot where they can blow up the road. As far as I know, he makes no direct money from his Weather Reports unlike some of the others-- De Jager made $700,000 in speaking fees alone last year. Who knows what Gartner Group is making but both these latter two are putting a different spin on things recently. Cory, on the other hand, tells it like it is. Very refreshing, I would love to spend a couple of hours with him.

-- Rick Reilly (, November 26, 1998.


Cory is tuning it up.

I copied this from the site and I thought I would save Cory Hamasaki some time and effort.

---------------- Start copyline --------------------------------

cory hamasaki 389 Days, 9,342 Hours.

While I have everyone's attention. WRP 104 has been mailed to all print subscribers except those who signed up in the last week. I will ftp it on Wednesday. I felt kinda bad that the print members were getting the WRPs a couple weeks behind everyone else.

I'm also going to hold back WRP 105 or 106 for a week. One of those will be mailed to *all* subscribers, print and shareware and will go on the web a week after the members get their print copy.

I know they were trying to be helpful but I've gotten email from people complaining about the WRP 104 link being broken or WRP 104 being late.

Only one of the complainers was a paying member.

I'm glad that people are reading the WRPs but it seems a little nervy to complain that your free copy is late while other people are patiently waiting for something they paid for.

Everyone who has signed up to date will get a copy of the gardening and food storage book. Since we'll be mailing that, we'll toss in a print WRP and some extras at the same time.

---------------------- End copyline -----------------------------

This one is for you Chuck (the night driver)

check 6!


-- sweetolebob (, December 08, 1998.

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