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Our company currently uses an accounting software package called "Macola". It is an old version and is certainly not Y2K compliant.

On several previous threads I have read that certain accounting packages look at the year previous and the year to come to compute the current date. I think that it is infered that this process will crash non-compliant software.

My question is "does anyone know if this brand of software will have this problem and is this what is known as the joann effect"

thanks ww



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You failed to say WHAT version you wnat to know about. Details are everything in the IT business. You know, like using more than the last 2 digits of the year for math, comparisons, and sequncing? ( LOL! )

BTW: I do this sort of sifting for a living. Gets real boring ... usually, the same "disappointing" finding ... NOT Y2K-COMPLIANT!

But ... Does THIS answer your question? From COMPUTERWORLD ...

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[BEGIN] (Year 2000 news, 04/01/98 05:35:33 PM)

Software maker slapped with Y2K lawsuit Tom Diederich

A law firm representing a company in Southbury, Conn., filed a class- action lawsuit today in an Ohio court against Macola, Inc., accusing the software maker of breach of warranty and fraud in connection with its Progression Series software and the millennium bug.

According to a statement from Milberg Weiss Bershad Hynes & Lerach LLP in New York, "the defects concern the inability of the Progression Series software, prior to Versions 6.2000 and 7.0, which were recently introduced, to recognize and process dates starting in the year 2000." Attorney Salvatore J. Graziano said his firm filed the lawsuit this morning in the Marion County Court of Common Pleas on behalf of his client, Paragon Network. A spokesman for Macola, in Marion, Ohio, wouldn't comment on the lawsuit.

Graziano said he will seek at least $5,000 -- the amount he said it will cost to buy upgrades for most firms -- for each Macola user who purchased versions of the Procession Series software prior to 6.2000 and 7.0.

Graziano said that while other software companies were offering free corrections or patches that would alleviate the year 2000 problem, Macola "is improperly requiring its customers to pay substantial fees to purchase upgrades in order to remedy the year 2000 defect contained in the Macola Progression Series software." Macola sells software for manufacturing, accounting and client/server distribution chores.

"Macola should not be profiting from the year 2000 problem," Graziano said. Asked whether the lawsuit would be dropped if the company offered a "free fix," he said, "That's part of the remedy we're seeking." ---------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------- Copyright ) 1998 Computerworld, Inc. All rights reserved. Legal notices and trademark attributions [END] # # #

-- Robert Mangus (, November 18, 1998.


thanks for the help, will post the version tomorrow.

I do know that the current version is an old dos program and that it is definatly NOT compliant. Our IT folks intend on upgrading in 99 to a newer macola version so your link is useful.

I still wonder if the software will even work on January 1,99.

PS, this forum is really useful and I enjoy very much, thanks again, ww


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Where do I send the ( US$150 ) bill, Wayne? ( LOL!! )

Regards, Bob Mangus # # #

-- Robert Mangus (, November 18, 1998.

Wayne, Are you still running DOS? If so, you have other problems as well. Better ask your IT folks if they are also upgrading platforms (Win 98, NT, etc). Further, better get the BIOS checked out.

-- R. D..Herring (, November 18, 1998.

The macola software is the 6.0 version.

Most of the computers at this location are to be upgraded in 99.

Will the accounting software work in 1999?

thanks ww


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