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Brenda Bender's Contract for Grade Proposal Fall 1998-Spring 1999

-- Anonymous, November 18, 1998


My Contract Grading Page

To the Faculty and Governance Team of Cohort III.

Proposal #1 - Option A - Contract for a "B"grade.

I would like to read an additional text pertaining to either Health, Physical Education or Education in general. I would then write and post a summary of what I learned and how it applies to my teaching. I would also share my information with other professionals and cohort members.

I do not have any books in mind right now, and would invite any suggestions or a list you might have available.

Proposal # 1 - Option B - Also a Contract for a "B" grade.

In the event a conference that I decide to go to comes up, I would like the opportunity to use this as part of my contract grading. Many times I don't know of conferences months in advance, so I would just like to note that I would like this to be an option.

I also have a question about a workshop I attended on Nov. 9th. I attended a one day workshop called TATU, which stands for Teens Against Tobacco Use. The workshop talked about the affects of tobacco, and how to get a group of students involved who would find ways to get the message out to other students at all grade levels about stopping the use of tobacco products. It would involve myself organizing this group and leading them all year round in finding ways and ideas to get the awareness out there. Would this be of any use for a grade?

Propsal #2 - Contract for an "A" grade.

I am in the process of setting up a mentorship program (in conjunction with the teachers and aides from the EBD room) with a student from the EBD room. I've really wanted to see if I could make a difference in a students life working one on one with them, spending time with them and learning what their needs and likings are, verses just making contact with them for 45 minutes a day on a not so personal level. I already have the girl that I would be mentoring in Physical Education class and know a little bit about her. I would plan on participating in the mentorship program all year long, and would meet daily with this individual. All of the guidelines are not set up yet, but should be very soon. I would document every meeting with her, keep up and keep track of all of her classes, etc. Again, I don't know all of the details, but I will relay all of the information of this mentorship program with this girl as soon as I get it.

I am hoping this proposal will be accepted for both semester one and two since I will be mentoring with her all year long.

-- Anonymous, November 23, 1998

These are my Contracts for Grades for Sem II.

Contract for a "B" grade.

I would like to continue with the Mentorship Program that I had started during Semester I. The proposal is the same as I explained it for the previous contract for grade. I will be continuing to work with this student and do some evaluating of the program and the student throughout the rest of the year. I would like to see the student improve in many areas, and I would also like to see our relationship grow more.

Contract for an "A" grade.

I will be involved in the process of writing a grant for the "TATU" program (Teens Against Tobacco Use). In my Previous contract for grade, I wrote up a short paper explaining my experience at the "TATU" workshop that I had attended earlier this year. Soon, there will be a group of us getting together to write a grant for the monies available for the "TATU" program. The program, and what it's all about, was also explained in my previous contract for grade paper.

-- Anonymous, February 11, 1999

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