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Three months ago, I happened to be at the main Post Office in this town of 50,000+, and asked the head guy behind the customer service counter what he had heard about Y2K preparedness as it related to the U.S. Postal Service. The good fellow, who's in his late 50's/early 60's, and appears to have been with the Post Office for decades, told me he hadn't heard a word. We talked about the subject for another 30 seconds or a minute, and out the door I went.

The other day, I was at the customer counter in the other (smaller) Post Office here in town, and lo and behold, there was a fairly elaborate Y2K display on the wall behind the customer counter, in plain view of all customers. A pretty nice horizontal digital clock, some five feet across, with bright red electrical lettering, ticked off the 'Time Until 2000' by the Day, Hour, Minute, and Second. The caption read, "Are You Ready?"

Going to ride by the Main Office tomorrow to see what kind of clock they have -- weirdness, huh. From nothing at all, to blaring it for all to see. Hmmmm.

-- John Howard (Greenville, NC) (, November 17, 1998


Well, obviously They've solved their Y2k problems, so they don't mind letting the plebes know about it. Hmm, or maybe the plebes found out about it early, so the Powers that Be are doing an end rush to prove that They're still leaders. Maybe I'm just getting cynical in my old age... 8-)

-- Tricia the Canuck (, November 18, 1998.

Well the countdown clock in my post office is about their stamps celebrating this century. (And I grumbled rather loudly when I saw it saying " I can never escape it")

The post office, as I have been doing research on the post office, they seemed to have woken up to the problem not too long after social security. When the Millenium clock went up in my post office (what a great way for them to spend all our postage money huh? I do think they could have done without the hundredths of a second) I asked one of the guys who has been working the counter for 11 years, and was delivering before that. I asked him if anything had been said to him about the Y2K preperations, but as I asked, I noticed something on the desk moniter that faces the has, as long as I can remember, displayed the date as 4 digits, somewhat positive I thought. I went ahead and asked my question though, "Hey Don, have they said anything to you about this whole Y2K thing?" Don:"Actually yes. Some guys have been here for a week ripping out all our old wiring and putting in new. And the big computer that runs all the other computers is already here." Me"Did they call it a "server""? Don:"Yeah...they did. I don't know much about computers, but I do remember the name now that you say it." Me:"Well did they mention Y2K by name or are you assuming?" Don:"No, they said it by name."

Considering how long I have known Don, I know he is not a technical wizard, and I was impressed he knew the term Y2K, I forgive him on server though since he knew what it did at least:). Anyway, make of this what you will, but keep in mind this is a small town and if they are already tearing out our system for a brand new server I have some hope for the postal service.


-- Rick Tansun (, November 18, 1998.

Well I work for the Postal Svc as an electronic techincian. About 2 weeks ago we got a directive from Western area which said they were not going to "remediate" some of the older mail processing equipment. Remediate is phycho babble for," if it squats we're not going to support it". Area also asked for the local office to develop and have in place a plan to deal with this problem.So the local managers spent the week doing contingency planing. BTW I got my ton of dried food from Walton Feed last week and humping sacks of storage wheat is about like humping sacks of concrete.But the wheat makes better sugar cookies and Much better pancakes.

Just my nickles worth. nine

-- nine (, November 18, 1998.

Hey Nine, Just for fun, tell us exactly when did you put that order in to Waltons? My grain mill from Country Living was due last week but according to their office they are just now filling orders from the third week in August (which puts them off by 2-3 wks) so I'm curious to see how accurate Walton is on its predictions of delivery. Diana

-- Diana (, November 18, 1998.

Diana, my Baygen radio took 4 months (Ordered in June, I received it in Oct.) Walton Feed had estimated 5 months, so they were a month early.

-- Gayla Dunbar (, November 18, 1998.

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