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-how is the amount of zakah to be given calculated for a shia muslim? -do shia ismaili muslims have a due date? -can zakat be dispursed outside of the community from where it was exactd from?

-- famida giga (, November 17, 1998


SAlam.. sorry to disturb yu actually i need yr assistance as i dont know how much zakat should be deducted in 50,000 valued gold and silver of same value..but i need the reply as early as if convinient tell me asap..i will be gladful to yu.. allah hafiz, ali

-- ali nazeer (, November 08, 2001.

Firstly im not a Shia, I think their NOT muslims. IF you dont have the same Qalimah as us, and you dont believe in Zakaat, thats 2 pillers out of the 5. Disbelief in 1 piller takes you outside Islam.

My first thing is that you dont know much about your religion, because Shia'ism dont believe in Zakaat.

get in contact if you want more information!

-- Macs (, November 12, 2002.

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