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I've been reading reports by the Gartner Group which I believe intends to stem paranoia among the masses which is understandable for some, and deceptive, and sickening for others. The Gartner group reports that the public be prepared for a few days to two weeks of disruption. The report should have been stated, people should prepare for any disruptions whether short term or long term to the best of their ability.

I read a post by someone this week, who flat out blasted the Gartner Group for its' sickening, manipulative efforts in maintaining the status quo. I agree with the poster. I've read numerous reports at this forum by many, many informed IT professionals, and other esteemed individuals. I have balanced my belief of widespread disruptions based on the evidence itself. One could analyze my belief on a society on the verge of collapse. A society that desperately needs to be awakened. Mother earth is crying, and few are listening. Its time for humanity to pay heed to history, to come together as community and to experience a spiritual clensing that in time will bring humanity together as one.

Today I read a report by, Cassell, vice president and director of research at the Gartner Group who said, "Any serious year 2000-related computer problems that result in power-plant shutdowns or interruption of critical services after midnight Dec. 31, 1999, SHOULD BE (emphasis) repaired within days or even hours of the problem. Because New Year's Eve 1999 falls on a Friday, businesses and governments will have Saturday and Sunday to fix any problems."

The report was based on projections of data gathered by 15,000 companies in 87 countries. The Gartner Group may have unfettered access to endless streams of information, but to say that businesses and governments will have Saturday and Sunday to fix the problem seems laughable! The Gartner Group cannot predict the future. I sincerely hope they are correct, but the problem is just too enormous to candy-coat the most severe and complex problem humanity has ever faced.


-MC Davey

-- M.C. Davey (, November 17, 1998


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I believe I'm the guilty party responsible for posting my outrage and rant against the GartnerGroup immoral ( evil ) position in their first PUBLIC report! Somehow, this item has made the rounds on the Internet. I've had a lot of thank yous from folks that have read it at various sites. ( Anyone know where these sites might be? )


Regards, Bob Mangus

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19981107 -- "Psychological ( Y2K ) Warfare" ( declared ) by GartnerGroup ...


"Psychological ( Y2K ) Warfare" has been declared on populations of the globe with the Gartner Report, "Y2K Too Shall Pass" < > ( see snip below ).

Until this fateful report, I had considered GartnerGroup one of the more esteemed Year 2000 ( IT business ) research organizations. The big guns ( GartnerGroup, ITAA, et al ) are being called out to quash ( well articulated and researched ) Y2K-related information they've ( justifiably ) disseminated in recent years through excellent research and testimony.

In spite of the pretty graphs < > and highbrow ( ever increasingly politicized ) verbiage, the realm of intellectual ( and psychological ) denial has finally been breached by the Y2K behemoths.

The realities and vulnerability of the "fragile infrastructure" to a total ( network ) collapse from a success level of only 90% ( Y2K remediation ) by societies at-large, has enormous consequence to TWAWKI ( The World As We Know It ). These are ( clumsy ) treading into dangerous waters!

Describing bank runs and long-term preparations as the worst things that could happen in the face of "devastated" economies, is less than disingenuous. I consider it morally bankrupt and evil!

GartnerGroup's "Hurricane" analogy is way out of the base lines. There is no evidence ( status reporting is not the doing! ) that the Year 2000 Techno-Ambush won't be universal and catastrophic ( for computer-based societies ) in scope and effect for a large portion of the population on the planet. Neutron bomb is a realistic analogy. Yes! People are going to perish! Buildings and edifices will remain standing, however, as uninhabitable ) monuments to the Year 2000 Techno-Ambush.

For crying out loud! It is reality that military and policing forces around the world ( Canada and Britain! ) are quaking in their boots ( literally ), preparing ( pro-actively ) for prospects of massive civil unrest and chaos leading up to the Year 2000, and thereafter.

GartnerGroup is incorrect with the proclamation that Year 2000 disruptions are "not the end of the world." The disruption of the global infrastructure will, indeed, be the end of the world _as we know it today_. It will be a relatively instantaneous, population hurling-event into a retro-lifestyles of the mid-19th century, adversely affecting more than half the population on our planet.

Who are these plebian, grossly in-denial, wannabe "psychologists" trying to kid ( or appease )? GartnerGroup ( and their ilk ) have, forthwith, lost any useful purpose and credibility! They have become Y2K-ill-fated corporate lackeys and purveyors of corporate snake oil, groping to protect their own ( ill-fated )assets.

It's time for individuals of the world to take Year 2000-matters and rat ional preparations into their own, capable, soon-to-be low-tech hands. The consequences of not doing so, are much too grave to be left to the whims and mercy of denial-blinded corporations and governments.

. Do not bother to ask for, or trust in, Y2K "status reports ( fiction )."

. Do prepare for global infrastructure disruptions, of indeterminable duration.

. Do seize public officials with demands to mobilize and utilize every possible ( especially local ) public human and material resources toward Year 2000 calamity preparations, on a worst case scenario basis -- YESTERDAY!!.

Time is the premium and primary commodity. It is time to re-educate affected populations to the "rigors" of doing without ( substituting ... {with} ):

. Water ( with collection/rudimentary purification ) . Food (mass) production/distribution ( with sharecropping/canning ) . Heat [ natural gas ( NG )/electric distribution ] ( with safe coal/wood methods ) . Sanitation ( with rudimentary/disease-mitigating methods ) . Clothing ( with handmade sackcloth and hair shirts ) . National Defense ( with "Minute Man" militia ) . Medication/Medical/Dental technologies ( with herbs/first aid/ugh! ) . Currency ( with metals/bartering ) . National Defense ( with "Minute Man" militia ) . Communications ( with Pony Express/"The Postman" ) . Mass transportation ( with equestrian/steam ) . Police ( with Neighborhood Watches/Self-defense ) . Courts ( with local Justices of the Peace ) . Schools ( with local teachers, teaching the basic R's in existing facilities ) . Work ( with handcrafts/harvesting ... where possible, continued Y2K remediation! ) . Entertainment ( with local live theater and community social functions ) . Pets ( with guard dogs/livestock )

Heeding Year 2000 psycho-babble from sophomoric, ill-fated institutions in societies, will lead down folly lane. It's the networks! They're broken and can't be fixed in time. Do what you and your loved ones must, and are able, before it's too late to be too late.

There won't be any help from the general media on the Year 2000 issues, either.. They are bought and paid lackeys of corporate masters with vested interests in jeopardy -- regardless of what the Year 2000 meltdown outcome. Only courageous individuals and small ( some Internet-based ) news sources will be allowed to provide real information -- trust, but verify.

Oh yes! Keep your eyes on the money and leaders ( public and private ) for the only you will need to heed during and after the Year 2000 meltdown.


Robert Mangus

"I'm a computer 'Y2K-bomb' technician. If you see me running, try to keep up." RMangus

"Sometimes a majority simply means that all of the fools are of one mind." [Author Unknown] # # #

-- Robert Mangus (, November 17, 1998.

Robert, don't go sugar coating it now, try to tell us what you REALLY think about the report.

-- Have Asbestos screen (Will@travel.Paladin), November 17, 1998.

Robert thank you for voicing something I tried to say a tad bit more politely in the other thread about the report. You have all of the emotion in yours that I tried for whatever reason, to filter out in mine.. Yours is MUCH more powerful!! Chuck

-- Chuck a Night Driver (, November 17, 1998.

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