What battery does the Canon EF take?

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Looking at buying a Canon EF and I fear that it takes the now outlawed PX-625 (or other) mercury cell. Please clarify...thanks.

Also, is there a spec sheet for this camera on the web somewhere?

Appreciate all help and direction.



-- Michael Hintlian (102144.2651@compuserve.com), November 17, 1998


Go to www.canon.com and look for a link to the Canon Camera Museum. It has pictures and general specs, inculding power source, for just about every camera they ever made.

-- Brad (reloader@webtv.net), November 18, 1998.

Hi Michael,

yes, the EF uses two PX625 batteries, but due to its more advanced electronics the camera does not need mercury cells and their constant output voltage. You can use standard alkaline batteries (e.g. Varta V625U) without any problem. These batteries are worldwide available without any problem or legal restrictions.

HTH, Dieter

-- Dieter Lefeling (lefeling@muenster.net), November 21, 1998.

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