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There's hope:

"-- And in much better news than that: Jeff Brune,Y2K manager of the Spokane-based Washington Water Power Co., said nine of 12 plants were pushed past Jan. 1, 2000, for testing, and left there; "we saw no reason to bring them back."

-- Grope (, November 17, 1998


The little imp in the back of my mind asks what was special about the other three, but that's probably seeing the glass as half empty.

Props to Wash. Water Power!!


-- Chuck a Night Driver (, November 17, 1998.

Go Washington, but, What ABOUT US????? Does anyone know if there is a site on which we can see where our cities are in all this?

-- consumer alert (, November 17, 1998.

Am I missing something? If the plants were "pushed past Jan. 1, 2000 and left there"........then arn't they operating with the wrong date now? This must mean the date isn't important to their operation. So where and why is there any date to be "pushed"?? This contradicts everything I've read to date.

Just once I'd like to hear some good news that I could just embrace and be relieved about.


-- Sheila (, November 17, 1998.

And, likewise, how can you "push forward" dates in embedded chips?? I thought that was a big part of the power industry's problem: mucho embedded chips that needed to be inspected for Y2K problems, then replaced if it turned out that Had The Bug, since the chips per se could not have their code altered.

Like Sheila, I find that often its not so much a matter of weighing good news versus bad news, but rather dealing with the seemingly inconsistent news, that makes it tough.

-- Jack (, November 17, 1998.


For once you and I are in agreement. I have heard rumors of this for awhile and the one thing no one seems to be able to answer is how they told the chips that it was 2000


-- Rick Tansun (, November 17, 1998.

Seems a bit suspect, but its possible they COULDN't get them back without a problem. I've tested some software which will work fine through 2000 and beyond, but, if you time travel backward, things get a little strange.

-- R. D..Herring (, November 17, 1998.

Is this the correct web address? I could'nt pull it up. Thanks

-- Arthur Rambo (, November 17, 1998.

I looked for it again and could not find it any more. Must be somewhere for I cut and pasted it on the first post here.

-- Grope (, November 17, 1998.

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