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(No, this doesn't have anything to do with Lynyrd Skynard, that lame, similar sounding phrase was the best I could do for cool title line. Damn that was pathetic.)

Since everyone has the skin blues over Aeon, here's something for some of you out there (I'd make a Quake skin of Aeon, but I don't feel like it.) The Aeon Flux Winamp skin. Customize the best multi-format audio player in the universe, Winamp, with the Aeon Flux look. Play your wavs, midis, and CDs with the killer style that is Aeon. Get it at DS today, in the "Behind the scenes" section, under ChaosKnight Originals.

-- ChaosKnight (, November 17, 1998


Great Job ChaosKnight: at shamelessly hawking your Fon winamp skin :)

I truly mean this in a humorously good-natured way. i hope you aren't offended

-- Owen Black (, November 22, 1998.

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