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Let's get together! Here's what I suggest: we could meet, the end of January, at a restaurant in or near Tacoma Mall. We could put together our concerns and ideas for Y2K preparations. We might call ourselves the "Pierce County Y2K Concerned Citizens Committee." Our main aim would be to meet with various government officials and urge them to be ready to help our communities, as needed, when the time comes. We could insist upon meetings with them after the April 1 "dress rehearsal" involving Canada, Japan, and New York State. (That may be what would convince them this is "serious!") Douglas Carmichael, a lead Y2K consultant says, "...we need to get specific fast about an emergency shelter for every community--and it ought to be schools...The federal and state governments, he says, should quickly appropriate funds and press to make sure schools can provide water, food, cooking and a warm space through winter 2000. One reason: schools -- as with hurricanes or floods -- are a familiar emergency location in American culture." Makes sense to me! (This quote can be found by accessing and click on Year 2000 Computer Emergency: Deadly Serious Test of America.) Personally, I will be with my grown children, have supplies built up, and expect to be o.k. But, what will happen with those who are not? What will they do if they are desperate? What would you do if your children were cold and hungry? Please Email me if you are interested in getting together; even a half-dozen of us can make a difference. If citizens wait for "uncle" to do everything, citizens may lose their rights to do anything!

-- Holly Allen (, November 16, 1998


Hi Holly...

I live right down the street from you. E-mail me and I'll sned you my home phone number.

Drop by my website at


-- Pastor Chris (, November 18, 1998.

Holly, drop an email with your idea to the State TEAM leader at and ask for the email addresses of others in your area.

This is the Y2K People Finding People site, and over 500 y2k-concerned folks have registered their email addresses and locations in the past two months since it started. The TEAM leader receives a list of everyone in the State, sorted by city.

While you're there, register your email address (You'll see a link to the registration page.) Then, monthly, you'll be sent email addresses of everyone who registers from your area.

The site also has some suggestions for forming neighborhood groups that may be helpful to you.

Good Luck! Let us know how you do!

-- Faith Weaver (, November 18, 1998.

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