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Are you familiar with the Sony TCD-D7? I don't understand the differences! Also - do any of the Sony DAT recorders come with playback capability? How about the Sony Stereo ECM 959A microphone? Any ideas? Thanks, Elly

-- Elly Ball (, November 16, 1998


I think any recorder of any sort will also play back. I've never found one that wouldn't. Certainly the Sony -D5, -D7 and -D8 machines will do so. This is not a problem you need worry about; you can assume that any recorder can play back the tapes it makes.

I don't specifically know the ECM 959A microphone. I imagine that it at least would not be bothered by the DC voltage at the input to the -D8 deck, if you get that model (which, again, I don't recommend.) Over the years, I have not been impressed with the sound of Sony's consumer mikes, but I'm actually waiting to get one of the new ones for evaluation, and this should bring me up to date.

-- James Boyk (, November 16, 1998.

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