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I've been a fan of Aeon Flux for, oohhhh... about 2.5 years now. I first saw her on canada's YTV station on thier late-night programming. It was grouped together with MTV's The Oddities, but it was Aeon Flux that caught my attention, and has held it since. I managed to tape a few episodes (3, i think?), and have only seen 4 in total! ..and I've lost the tape since then. That first episode I saw that I didn't manage to tape (I tuned into it by accident), was the most compelling one of the 4. It was pretty much only about Aeon and Trevor(?), but it was about an alien they were going after that Trevor ended up killing in the end... but it turned out that the "alien" was actually the evolution of the human race, and was the sole survivor from the future? (the details are so vague now) So in essence, Trevor actually killed the human race. i have to appologize for the vague description, but I only really remember me sitting there after the show thinking, "holly sh*t! that was awesome!"

a n y w a y.... WHERE on CANADIAN TV can I see Aeon Flux?!? Does anyone know of any network that has picked it up from MTV? Or do I basically have to live in the USA to be guarenteed to see it?

BTW, I'm on my way to HMV, Block Buster, Rogers Video... and anywhere else to try and get the 3 seasons on VHS. Should I try to get that "Complete Aeon Flux" comilation? Is that all 3 seasons? ...someone please respond and tell me the tapes I need to buy to get all the episodes. Thank you very much! Andrew

-- andrew (, November 16, 1998


BTW, I emailed YTV after a few weeks of not seeing Aeon and asked them why they removed it from the lineup but kept the oddities, the jist of thier reply was something like; We're working on a new lineup and presently Aeon Flux has been removed ((no kidding!)) to make room for new shows. We hope you continue to watch our late night tv...blah blah blah.... the rest was unimportant!

-- andrew (, November 16, 1998.

Yeah, I E-Mailed YTV shortly after they removed the 3rd-season Flux repeats and they said the contract to air reruns had ran out and they wouldn't be able to keep the show (in other words, they didn't want it on anymore, probably due to poor ratings or something like that). I'm pretty sure they took Oddities off shortly after as well. Teletoon recently started doing reruns of The Head of MTV's Oddities (which is a pretty uninteresting show but I watched for nostalgia's sake) but I don't seem to get the specialty channels anymore. I E-Mailed Teletoon asking if they might air some Fon Flux eps but got no reply. I guess living in Canada just sucks and that's that. :-)

-- Spofforth (, November 16, 1998.

Hey don't say living in cannada sucks you got tellatoon & you canb get Duckman,& The Head I love thoes cartoons.


-- Matt (, November 19, 1998.

yes, get the complete aeon flux. it consists of the three videos, and is cheaper than buying them individually and comes with a special sticker. any online videoplace seels them like or

-- Owen Black (, November 20, 1998.



-- marshy (, October 13, 2001.

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