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Can someone please tell me what the heck happened to the Land Raiders? Have they been taken outta print by GW or what. Where might I get my hands on one of these bad boys?

-- DarkSoul (, November 15, 1998


the boxed set. or on line shopping.

-- kain (, November 16, 1998.

Ya know, I heard that the new land rader will be out about cristmas time for all you F!@#$%^&*()?, so don't shit your pants

-- michael (, November 21, 1998.

Unfortunatly, the old Land Raider kit is no longer available!!! I have been wanting won for 3 years and after my long quest I found a second hand one in a box, at a model fair. I know how you feel but a new Land Raider kit will be released at MARCH. It is not at all like the old shape but it will have to do in your case. Keep looking around, and you will never know your luck.

-- Oliver (, January 06, 1999.

Ha ha ha Mike acts all hard core but of course he WRONG!

-- (, January 07, 1999.

the landraider will be out late in '99. i found that straight from GW themselves.

-- Charlie (, March 07, 1999.

The Land Raider is supposed to be released this summer (Imps get it first...) and there are preview kits in some GW stores. Though it will be no good against Chainfists, Inferno pistols at half range and the like.

-- Warmaster Horus (, April 27, 1999.

Apparently it got lost in the warp. probably returning at a saner time such as edition 4. Meanwhile wtf did the rules for grey knights get to. Its not like they were as unused as the squats and they deserve a comeback in edition3

-- Lord Cyborg (, May 05, 1999.

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