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Dear Forum I'm profesional photographer from Indonesia and I'm not very familiar with this mail stuff. I've my own web, but can someone told me how can I publish my web? Thank's

-- Tigor Lubis (, November 15, 1998


If your web site is accessible by somebody other than you, it's already "published". What you need to do is submit your URL to the various search engines. Start with Yahoo and Alta Vista, and then submit your URL to every search engine you can find.

By the way, what's your URL?

-- Brian C. Miller (, December 09, 1998.

Thanks for letting me look at your website at

The first concept that a commercial web site should deliver is that something is for sale. The first place the visitor is delivered is your "about" page. You should have a smaller version of your portfolio page for your site's home page.

From your site, I get the idea that you are doing industrial, advertising, and commercial photography. Something along those lines should be your default index page.

Other than that, it looks pretty nice.

-- Brian C. Miller (, December 10, 1998.

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