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Many water utilities are regulated by a state utility regulatory commission. Perhaps we could share our experience in getting these commissions to take y2k action. We could also post the e-mail address of these commissions. After we find 2 or 3 or more ways of getting these commissions to act we could spread the news.

-- Steve Tomczak (, November 15, 1998



As you have no doubt noticed, there seems to be little Y2k activity on the water front.

The California State Water Resources Control Board sent out a questionnaire to 4000 dischargers (facilities that release treated water into surface or ground water) during the first week of November. Replies are due by 11/20/98. So far, we have gotten a very good response. We hope to summarize and post the results by the second week in December. You can view or download a copy of the questionnaire and transmittal letter from our web site (

-- Michael Gentry (, November 18, 1998.

I have questions from (Questions to ask the utilities) to ask both electric and water providers. Recommended for companies at special risk for failures in electric or water to assist in doing a risk assessment of the utilities. These special "at risk" enterprises include any company that has major refrigeration and cooling requirements including grocery and food distribution centers, pharmaceutical distribution centers, etc. For these types of facilities, an interruption to water is as severe as power interruptions because water is needed for the evaporative condensors. On a temporary basis the facility may be replumbed to largely recycle and draw minimum amounts for tankers or ponds but you'll likely end up with expensive repairs after it's over.

Go straight to the questions at

-- Russ Kelly (, May 05, 1999.

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