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Eldar: Codex Craftworld will include - Phoenix Lord Characters, Seer Special Characters. Eldar plasma weapons (Star Cannon) will not malfunction, may be given to guardian squads (R:24", St7, Assault3), Eldar to get Deathspinner tank, No new Aspects, New Warrior Powers for Exarchs (Crushing blow=+2Strength). Jes Goodwin to design new harlequin figures(They get their own codex) Grenade Launchers now come over shoulders like curved antlers.

Dark Angels: Ravenwing get 6 Cover Save at 12"+ Speed, Ravenwing may fire an additional weapon dependant on speed. Eg: 6" All weapons, 12" 2 Weapons, 24" 1 Weapon. Dark Angels Librarians have own Psychic Power `Strip Resolve' eg: Target Squad must make Leadership Roll or Break.

Imperial Guard: Get New Tanks... King Russ (Longer Battlecannon = extra d6 penetration. Leman Russ Dakka (Turreted Multi laser + front and side heavy bolters) Plastic Imperial Guard Figures to be Catchatans, or resemble `Starship Troopers'. More likely the former as GW is set to release new skirmish game Catchatans Vs Tyranids (Based on Necromunda) in mid 1999.

More to come...(and i dont leave a calling card)

-- Master Mime (, November 15, 1998


Latest News:

Dark Angels get only one type of Landspeeder, the Tornado. They get to buy it in squadrons and its equiped with heat shiels so it gets to deep strike.

-- Master Mime (Master.Mime@Webway.Com), November 20, 1998.

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