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Howdy all, Just thought I would relate this bit of info.

We had recently delivered at the shop a Kero heater we had ordered from Northern. No place in the catalog did it mention the unit would be 'reconditioned'. It is. It has also apparently been assembled from assorted parts of other heaters. It works, but it's not as represented and it has problems. The piece of paper in the box says we can ship it back at OUR EXPENSE if we are unhappy. The heater was $99, they hit us with $26 shipping on top of that.

I would suggest that if you order from Northern you ask lots of questions and get the name of who you talk too.

Regards and luck,


-- art welling (, November 15, 1998



Are you the Art who sells freeze dried foods? Got any grain mills?


-- Arewyn (, November 15, 1998.

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