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I am planning to use my 4X5 camera in a rough environment where weight and wind are a problem. Can the film sleeve be entirely removed from camera and replaced after exposure?

Also, can I use a Quickload (or Readyload) back for Polaroid film and use the 545 back to develop the film later?

Can I use an old land camera to develop the film?

I could buy all this stuff and figure it out for myself, but that is what the internet is for.

Thanks for your help!

-- Doug Whitman (, November 15, 1998


1.) I don't believe so. Even if you could accurately reinsert the sleeve, from the way it appears to me looking at a Quickload holder and packet, the extended sleeve provides the closure at the open end of the holder. I could be wrong. I'll test and report back tomorrow.

2.) No.

3.) ???

Where are you going? I have shot many times in windy situations with the Quickload and had no problems caused by the extended sleeve.

Unless you are using very wide angle lenses have you thought about using a rollfilm holder. In 6x9cm a 65mm is equivalent to a 90mm in 4x5.

-- Ellis (, November 15, 1998.

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