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Can someone help me? Excuse the long explanation... I used to have the facility of playing Video-CD's (until esterday!...) I believe problems started since I downloaded version 6.0 of Windows Media Player. I use Windows98 and have XingMpegPlayer 3.30 and the previous version - the Mplayer2) worked fine with *.dat files. I don't know what happened because I used Windows update to download it (mistake!!!). I have a Matrox Millenium Card ( the first issue) which behaved quite well. I have uninstalled both programs , installed them again ( this time the previous Windows Media Player), with no positive effect. I also notice that when I place a Video-Cd in the CD-Rom tray it takes a longtime to acknowlege it (that only happens with Video- CD's - others start normally) - "auto insert notification" is on. As for device Manager everything seems to be ok. I haven't found any .dat extension in folder options/file types. Only in Movie clip type there is a .dat mpeg file type. However I created a dat File type on its own, associated XinMpeg Player to it and the same happens: when I insert a Video Cd in the CD Rom Tray the system stops and blocks; running Mpeg Player it hangs too; closing with "ctrl+alt+delete" gives " XingPlayer.. not responding and it blocks everything. The same with Windows Media Player ( Ms mPlayer2) Once it gave an error - Msgsrv32 not responding. Is is strange that when I Insert a Video CD the system hangs.

Thank you so much for your help.

Fernando A Machado Madalena - Pico Azores - Portugal

-- Fernando Antonio Machado (, November 14, 1998


Some PCs can not handel the upgrade to Windows Media Player 5.0/6.0. It is a strnge bug in Windows 98. The best thing to do is uninstall Windows Media Player and reinstall XING Mpeg Player...upgrade to the latest version to avoid more problems. that will do it.

-- Rutger Stevens (, January 28, 1999.

I also have the same problem but it doesn't happen to all my vcds when I used Media Player 6.1 on Windows 98 - I try opening the Soong Sisters dat file and it gave me an error saying the path was wrong. I put in adifferent vcd and that works. Anyone got any ideas. XingMpeg works fine!

Do Microsoft keep the previous level of media player on their site?


-- Sue Guttilla (, April 01, 1999.

Windwos Media Player does not play back all the Video CDs. That claim is bogus, much like it's claim to play back RealPlayer files(just Version 4.0 and below). You have to use a real player like XING to get all the movies to work. Buy XING it's worth it.

-- T (, April 01, 1999.

I have been using xing player(registered version 3.30) for quite sometime under windows 98 but when i have upgraded to windows xp the same program refuses to install - it is a dual install version first version 3.0 is installed and an update program updates to version 3.30 . The message that displays is that the program only updates copies one year old and to contact xing for new copies . can anyone offer a solution to this problem . Any useful help will be appreciated.

-- George Kuriakose (, February 09, 2003.

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