DVD and VCD, are they the same thing?

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I just bought a New Hyundai Premier-99N with CD-G and Superimpose which plays Video CD + MIDI CD + CD Graphics + Audio CD Player. I bought this for my wife who wants the Karoke (groan) feature.

Will this unit play DVD disks too? I am new to all of this and am thing Video CD and DVD may be the same things.

Thx, Butch


-- Butch Dunn (bdunn@nonamebbs.com), November 14, 1998


Sorry it wont. VCD's use an MPEG compresion 1 (like all the other formats you metioned) But DVD's use an MPEG compresion 2. That and the fact DVD's use a differt lazer head to read them. It's like trying to run a 3 1/4 floppy on a 5 floppy drive. Don't worry you'll get. If you ever want any help with this sort of stuff, E-mail me, I'll try to help.

-- Jonathan Dale (JMDLORD@aol.com), November 15, 1998.

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